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Your Unique Taste: How to Choose a Flavor of Vapor You'll Love

With all of the new products and developments in the vaping world, it can be hard to keep up!That's because the industry is booming, jumping from 7 million vapors in the US in 2011 to over 35 million in 2016.With the industry changing so much, how do you know what type of vape juice to [...]

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Nix the Nasty Mix: How to Clean a Vape Pen Between Flavors

One of the many benefits of vaping is the opportunity to try endless flavor combinations of e-cig juice. Unfortunately, frequent switching of flavors can make for flavor residue that can ruin the taste of your brand new liquid. No one wants to mix strawberry kiwi with cinnamon leftovers! If you're wondering how to clean a vape pen so [...]

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What is a Box Mod Vaporizer?

9 million adults in the United States vape regularly. It's estimated that in Europe, the number of people who regularly vape will rise to 55 million by 2021. If you're interested in trying out vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, you might have a lot of different questions. You may even be wondering what type of vape [...]

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Vape Tanks, Mods, Juice, Oh My! Essential Vaping Terms Explained

Are you new to the world of vaping? There are a lot of different words that might be thrown in your direction, and when you're a newbie it can be a little more than overwhelming. Who knew there was so much to such a simple hobby?Like anything that's new to you, it helps to do [...]

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Are you up to date on the Vape Lingo?

What are vapers talking about? According to a study from Journal of the American Heart Association "smokers who have switched to vaping live longer than those or continue smoking". With vaping, there are significantly fewer toxins going into your body than with traditional cigarettes, so that can't be a bad thing! More so, many e-juice brands put [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Vape Juice

Whats in Vape JuiceIf you're new to vaping and e-liquid, you want to have access to the best information possible. Here's everything you need to know about e liquid. Gone are those old advertisements depicting cigarettes as something cool and hip. Today, vaping is now more popular among teens than smoking cigarettes, so it's important our [...]

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Feeling Creative? 5 Simple Steps for Making Your Own DIY Vape Juice

5 Simple Steps for Making Your Own DIY Vape Juice Feeling Creative? 5 Simple Steps for Making Your Own DIY Vape JuiceAre you interested in creating your own custom e-cig liquids? It's easy once you learn how. Here are 5 simple steps for creating your own DIY vape juice.Keyword(s): diy vape juice So, you hit up your [...]

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Worst and Weirdest Vaping Flavors

The Worst and Weirdest Vaping Flavors Your Glad you Never Tried In case you have been living on a deserted island for the last few years, The vaping industry has exploded in relatively;short history. vaping has unequivocally proven more successful in helping tobacco users quit that even the most optimistic of assumptions came close to brushing on. [...]

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Vaping Nicotine Vape Liquids

The relationship between tobacco and nicotine is convoluted and a misunderstood mess and its by no accident. Tobacco companies have spent a lot of money to keep us misinformed. So confusing if you look back now, you’d need to sit down for a cigarette break to actually think it through.I remember as a teenager at [...]

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What Is In Vape Juice and How Is It Made?

What Is In Vape Juice and How Is It Made? If you're new to the vaping scene or curious to what in the world that liquid is your friends are using, you probably only have a slight familiarity with the mystery that is.... vape juice. Well, we're here to lift the fog on what juice is [...]

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