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How Cig-A-Likes Make Vaping Easy For Smokers

Posted by Victor Johnson on

Smokers that are trying to switch to vaping may find cig-a-likes to be their ideal starting point. The reasons for this are as follows.

Similar Look & Feel

Cig-a-likes, as they're known, are designed to mimic the cigarettes they aim to replace in the hands of smokers. They're approximately the same diameter and length as conventional cigarettes, giving them a similar feel when held, only heavier and firmer. For smokers who are trying to switch, cig-a-like's look and feel similar to the cigarettes that they are quitting.

This also means that cig-a-likes are highly portable. As a result, some smokers may find that they're just as easy to carry as a pack of smokes, if not easier.

With some cig-a-like models, a charging case is included. Typically, these charging cases measure roughly the same as a pack of cigarettes. While some charging cases are smaller, they all do the same thing: provide vapers with the ability to charge their e-cigarette batteries on the go. Often times, they also allow for the storage of extra cartridges and a battery or two.

With cases that store two cig-a-like battery stems, typically only one battery stem can be charged at a time.

When it comes to cig-a-like charging cases, they might be similar but they're not all the same. While many are quite standard in nature, recharging batteries and storing extra cartridges, there are those that step things up a notch by offering such features as digital displays that provide valuable insight in easy to read formats.

It is worth noting that not all cig-a-likes are rechargeable. These types of e-cigs are designed for one-time use. When the e-liquid in them is depleted, the entire device is disposed of. Many cig-a-likes are designed to be reusable, allowing for their batteries to be recharged and their e-liquid filled cartridges replaced. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many see one-time use e-cigs as the easiest of the cig-a-likes to use.

Similar Usage

Cig-a-likes may very well be the easiest e-cigarettes for beginner vapers that are switching from cigarettes. One end of the cig-a-like holds the cartridge. The cartridge end is held between the user's lips like a conventional cigarette when the user is ready to vape. The user then draws on the e-cig and by doing so activates the heating element, which begins producing vapor in an on-demand fashion. There's no need for a lighter, as most e-cigs rely on battery power. There's also no need for any buttons, as cig-a-likes automatically detect when they're in use and begin producing vapor accordingly. In short, cig-a-likes operate with minimal effort. Those who have previously smoked may very well find them to be easy to use right out of the box thanks to their cigarette-esque design.

In contrast to many of the cig-a-like rivals, such as vape pens, the cig-a-like maintains its position as one of the easiest, if not the easiest, e-cigarette style to use. While many vape pens are push-button activated, cig-a-likes require no buttons. They simply turn on and produce vapor when they're used. In many instances, cig-a-likes don't require users to refill their cartridges, as they're designed to be replaced once their e-liquid supply is depleted. As such, vapers can simply remove an expended cartridge and replace it with a fresh one, as opposed to open up a cartridge or tank and refill it with e-liquid. This also means that there's no need for the extra step of replacing coils, as they're contained within the cartridge that is replaced once its e-liquid is depleted.

Cig-A-Like Benefits Breakdown

Here are the reasons why cig-a-likes are quite possibly the ideal starter e-cig for former smokers:

  • Cig-a-likes look like conventional cigarettes, making former smokers feel right at home with them.
  • Cig-a-likes are very easy to use. There's no steep learning curve, but rather the opposite. Users simply press them between their lips and inhale. That's all there is to it.
  • Cig-a-likes are very compact, much like a conventional cigarette, making them easy to carry in place of cigarettes. With portable cig-a-like charging cases roughly the same shape and size as a cigarette pack, former smokers are unlikely to notice any difference in their pocket.
  • Cig-a-likes require little maintenance. Simply keeping them charged is typically enough. There's no need for coil replacement, as the coil is contained within the cartridge that is replaced when the e-liquid inside of it runs out.

How Cig-A-Like Electronic Cigarettes Work

Cig-a-likes are relatively simple devices as far as e-cigarettes are concerned. They consist of a battery and a cartridge. The cartridge is sometimes referred to as a vape pod or cartomizer. Cartridges, vape pods, and cartomizers all contain an atomizer that is used to produce vapor. When a cig-a-like is puffed on, the atomizer is activated and the e-liquid contained within the cartridge is turned into vapor that comes flowing out of the cartridge's mouthpiece.

What E-Cigarettes Are For

Electronic cigarettes turn e-liquid into vapor. Some former smokers use e-cigarettes as an alternative means by which to obtain nicotine without the smoke.

E-cigarettes, unlike conventional cigarettes, are available in a wide range of different nicotine strength -- a big difference between the two. This gives e-cigarette users the ability to choose the nicotine strength of the e-juice that they vape with their e-cig.

Vaping's Health Implications In Comparison To Smoking

While there's no clear consensus on the matter of vaping's potential health concerns, an evidence review conducted by Public Health England has found vaping with e-cigs to likely be 95% less harmful than smoking with conventional cigs. Unlike the smoke produced by cigarettes, the vapor produced by e-cigarettes contains no tar.

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