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How To Choose Between E-Liquid Bottles And Pods

Posted by Victor Johnson on

Vape pods vs. Vape Tanks

Pods are all the rage these days, but what about good old fashioned e-liquid bottles? If you're wondering which one is right for you, then this is the article to read.

Bottles Provide More Options

With e-liquid bottles, you have options in front of you. Vape pods are often pre-filled and not designed to be refilled, so you basically have whatever pod flavors the manufacturer of your pod vape makes and that's it. With a bottle of e-juice, you can fill your tank or refillable cartridge with whatever flavor you want by whatever brand you prefer. You can even mix different e-juice bottles together to create new flavors, which is made easier when you have the right tools.

At Central Vapors, you will find a wide range of DIY e-liquid supplies, including flavor concentrate, liquid nicotine, dropper bottles, needle tip bottles, vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), glass dropper bottles, slip syringes, flavorless e-juice, plastic beakers, liquid SALT nicotine, unflavored nicotine base, and even DIY kits that come with what you need to mix and create your own e-juice flavors.

Those that want to explore the world of e-liquid options in front of them are better suited for bottles of e-liquid and vapes that support refilling. With a refillable vape, vapers can choose between countless vape juice flavors and truly experience the wide world of vaping offered by today's vape juice companies. Add the ability to mix e-juices together to create unique combinations and the possibilities become endless, making bottles the ideal solution for vapers with an appetite for adventure.

Pods Are More Convenient

With pods, there's typically no need for refilling and no opportunity for mixing. The exception is a refillable pod system, which does exist, but is nowhere near as popular as the pre-filled pods like those offered by Juul and Blu.

What pods offer vapers is quite different from bottles, as pod users don't have to deal with refilling their tanks or changing their coils. With pods, vapers simply vape them until their e-juice runs out and then throw them away and replace them with a new pod. This makes vaping a lot more convenient, making pods the obvious choice for vapers that don't care about trying all of the different e-juice flavors out there and just want their juice delivered in a hassle-free fashion.

The limited flavors offered by today's most popular pod manufacturers means that vapers who use pods exclusively will simply lose out on the ability to try new flavors, which are constantly being introduced to the market. However, there are still quite a few options for pod vapers and the reality is that there are now pods that are designed to be refilled. Refillable pods, however, don't last nearly as long as the heavier duty tanks and often require replacement after just a few refills. Still, with refillable pods vapers can make use of the endless e-liquid options by buying bottles of e-juices and using them to refill their pods.

Choosing Between Pods And Bottles

Those who want convenience might want to consider a pre-filled pod over a bottle, whereas those who want to try all of the flavors on the market may want to take a long hard look at all of the e-liquid flavors that can be found in bottles.

Vapers who are interested in using both can certainly do so. In fact, as previously noted, it's even possible to combine e-liquid bottles with pods by buying and using refillable pods. It's even possible to refill popular pod vapes like the Juul Device that aren't designed to be refilled by buying a refillable pod from another company that's designed to be compatible.

At the end of the day, both options are well suited for most vapers, but as a rule of thumb, it's easy to say that pods are more convenient than bottles, whereas bottles provide vapers with more flavor options. Choosing what's right for you will depend on what you value more: flavor options or convenience.

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