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Vape Mods and Box Mods Guide

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

All about Box Mods

What is a Box Mod Vaporizer?

If you're interested in trying out vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, you might have a lot of different questions. You may even be wondering what type of vape you should buy.

A popular type of vape is a box mod. But what is a box mod? In this article, we'll go over exactly what a box mod is and how you use it.

Okay, What is a Box Mod?

You've probably seen several different types of vapes, even if you aren't a regular user.

One you've probably seen is the type of vape that looks a little bit like a box. That's a box mod.

But what does it do?

Well, a box mod is different from other vapes in a variety of ways. Let's examine some of its features below.

What is a Box Mod Made Of?

A box mod looks like a little box with a place on the top for you to take a hit. It will often have a button that you press to start the vaping process.

Inside of a box mod is a battery, which is used to heat up the coil. Attached to the coil is the atomizer, which you can change to suit your mood or taste. We'll go over more about the atomizer and what it does later on in the article.

How Do You Use a Box Mod?

You'll use your box mod by loading up your e-liquid of choice into the atomizer tank. Once you've done that, you'll basically good to go, typically by pressing a button on the side of the box mod. 

Why Do People Love Box Mods? It Has Adjustable Wattage and Power

The world of vaping is much different than cigarettes. With your cigarette, you simply light up and take your hit. But with a vape, there's a whole technological element to it.

A box mod allows you to control the wattage or the amount of power the battery gives to the atomizer. The higher the wattage, the more intense you'll experience your vape. And the throat hit will be almost instant with a much higher watt.

This is partially why many people love their box mod.

It Has a Detachable Tank Atomizer

A detachable tank is a huge plus and common among almost all box mods. 

Because the atomizer is detachable, you can switch it out for another that offers a slightly different vaping experience.  There are hundreds of tanks and styles and it really all comes down to preference.

They Allow You to Sub-ohm Vape

Sub-ohm vaping is a relatively new domain in the vaping community. This kind of vaping gives you greater control over the vapor and can give you a much more intense flavor. This is especially good for those who pick e-liquid flavors that are directly suited to their taste, as they can get a bigger punch out of sub-ohm vaping.

You can sub-ohm vape by simply attaching a sub-ohm atomizer, just double check both your box mod and sub ohm tank have compatible threads, most common is the 510 threaded connection.

A good way to understand what Sub-ohm vaping is, you can think of it as a vaping style or preference as opposed to say direct to lung which is also a style but we wont get into that for now.  One thing to note is that while sub ohm vaping, most prefer using a lower nicotine level than they would otherwise use because sub ohm vaping creates more vapor with each puff.

Before venturing full blown into buying a box mod you should exercise caution when using a mechanical box bod. Mechanical box mods are usually easily identifiable because they have no digital screen. Regulated box mods on the other hand are "regulated" by internal electronics and also usually easily identifiable because they will have some type of digital screen.  

A Box Mod Helps You Regulate the Temperature of Your Hit

Box mods allow you to regulate the temperature of your vape hit. This means that you can decide the exact level of the hit so that it will never be too hot or too dry. For many people, this is one of the reasons they prefer box mods.

Is a Box Mod For Me?

We hope this article helped clear up the question of "What is a box mod?"

But is a box mod for you?

To be honest, most people who vape do like to use a box mod due to its high degree of customizability.

We suggest that you try a box mod at least one time on your vaping journey. Most people who vape find that they end up preferring it e-cigarettes or other methods of vaping.

Ready to buy a box mod? Check out our selection here.

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