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Worst and Weirdest Vaping Flavors

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

The Worst and Weirdest Vaping Flavors Your Glad you Never Tried

In case you have been living on a deserted island for the last few years,

The vaping industry has exploded in relatively;short history. vaping has unequivocally proven more successful in helping tobacco users quit that even the most optimistic of assumptions came close to brushing on. All this being fairly common knowledge in more recent times as we are now stepping into the begging of 2019 most are well aware of electronic cigarettes

For those who shop online frequently, this may be of little surprise. However, we found some NOT SO COMMON...downright unusual and in some cases flavors so unrealistically disgusting, its hard to Are some of these outlandish flavor combinations sounding so genuinely bizarre, at first glance, you're likely to assume its a prank?

But NO, its true these wacky flavors do exist and even highly SOUGHT after by some vapors. Now Let me say If you're that one person whos feeling slightly offended because your faVORite vape flavor is Peanut Butter and Pickles...... I say Vape on! Peter Piper didn't die from vaping Peanut Butter Pickles.... And I'm not here to pick on personal vaping preferences. For some vapors, these type of far-out flavors is simply what works, and leads towards successfully living a tobacco-free lifestyle.


With that said we just wanted to share with you some of the really unusual vape juice flavors, and what they "supposedly" taste like. We saw more than a handful floating around online and by no means is this a complete list of everything. It's our hope you find a little entertainment value here and please do let us know if we've left something out you believe should have made it one this list.


In No Particular Order:

Bacon Bits
"If you are a fan of bacon, then Bacon Bits vaping juice will blow your mind. Skipping the calories, but enjoying the taste, bacon vape is a must try if you are a vaping enthusiast. The best part is, you won't get burned in the process"

Nacho Cheese
"If you have the munchies, check out the nacho cheese flavor. Who knew you could capture all of that deliciousness in a liquid form, but the manufacturer of this vaping juice have totally managed to make it happen"

Hot Dogs
"A hot dog vaping juice is really weird, but it's still available! If you long for the warm days of barbeques and family gatherings, pop some hot dog juice in your e-cigarette and enjoy the taste of juicy beef hot dogs. If you're a vegan but are suddenly craving meat, this is a strange, but viable option."

"If it's a hoppy flavor you crave, and drinking on the job is frowned upon, then maybe a beer flavored vaping juice is what you need. While it may not be ice cold, it will hopefully tide you over until you can crack open a cold one."

Chicken and Waffles
"Maybe it's rich flavors you like. Then a vaping juice that takes like fried chicken and waffles with maple syrup, just want you needed. This very unusual combination, as a liquid, offers a taste of the south. Add in some of that beer juice and you've got yourself quite the Sunday feast."

Lukully this internet is a big place and we have far more great tasting and truly unique flavors available everywhere online.  Also its important to note if your recently becoming familiar with vaping local vape shops may be best suited or capable of providing that face to face explanation, assistance and service you simply cant get through a computer screen.   Otherwize, online is where you would find excellent prices and a vastly larger selection if you know what your looking for.

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