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A Beginner's Guide to Sub-Ohming

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping has become a popular trend for vaping enthusiasts. However, the number of people who sub-ohm is still relatively low. If you have heard of it but don’t know what it is this guide will help you understand this popular phenomenon. Why would you sub-ohm? The answer for many would be that you get huge, clouds that are rich in flavour. The clouds that are produced through sub-ohming are large and flavourful which makes vaping that much more fun!

Sub-ohming is based on what is referred to as Ohm’s law which is I = V/R. The higher the voltage and the lower resistance equals increased current and vice versa. When people first began to explore how to get larger clouds they attempted to use larger batteries to get a higher voltage, but this did not quite work. The focus was shifted then towards reducing resistance in order to get more current which in turn would result in a dense vapour. In general, something to be aware of is that thicker coil wires are more resistant so they will work to create a larger cloud as well. Although this may seem simple, the topic is complex and you have to know what you are doing in order to make sure you are being safe.

Safety of Sub-Ohm Vaping

When you start out sub-ohming, possibly one of the first questions you may ask or want to ask is if the process is safe. Being up front about the matter, like anything involved an electronic, there are risks involved. From an overall perspective sub-ohming is a safe practice, it just depends on what materials you use and if you use them properly. If you are using subpar vape gear you can expect some issues; there is the potential that you could be inhaling increased quantities of low quality flavoring elements as well as burnt metal particles. In order to reduce the risks involved with vaping in general make sure you are choosing higher grade products, remember this is something you are ingesting into your body. If you are going to try sub-ohming it is recommended that you use a regulated box-mod.

Batteries for Sub-Ohming

In order to begin sub-ohming you will want to first seek out a reliable and robust battery. Your safest bed is to find a battery with the highest discharge rate for high resistance coils but keep in mind that this may be detrimental to your clouds and flavour. Once you get used to sub-ohming you can begin to explore. Continue to do your research before dabbling in different battery types.

Benefits of Sub-Ohming and Approaches

There are three major reasons people sub-ohm which are that you get more vapour, a richer flavour and warmer vapour. Once people go for sub-ohming they rarely go back into regular vaping.

There are three different options for sub-ohm vaping which depend on the type of atomizer you choose. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers are where sub-ohming began. The process of using an RDA involves dripping e-juice on the wick after every puff or so. This method is not as widely used anymore. Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are essentially enhanced RDAs and they are considered as offering the highest volume vapours as well as a rich flavour. Sub-ohm tanks are something new to the market that has taken the hassle out of sub-ohming. Just put them on any mod that works with 30 watts or higher and you are ready to go. These are just simply convenient.

Many people wonder whether you need a specific type of e-juice in order to sub-ohm. The answer to this question is yes because when you are vaping at such a high temperature you want to make sure that the flavour isn’t being burnt off. Regular e-juices for the most part can’t stand up to sub-ohming. You will certainly want to shop around and speak to local providers about which liquids are best for sub-ohming. 

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