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E-Liquid Quality Is An Important Factor For Vapers To Consider

Posted by Victor Johnson on

Quality E-Liquid

Torn between cheap e-liquid and high-quality premium e-liquid? You're not the only one as vapers around the world struggle with this decision every day. Here's what you need to know.

Cheap E-Liquids Aren't Always Low Quality

Just because you pay little for something does not mean that it lacks in quality. The truth is that the price tag of today's e-liquids is not always indicative of their actual value. In some cases, low-quality e-liquids are priced high, well beyond what they're actually worth. In other cases, top-shelf e-liquids of the highest quality are sometimes much cheaper than one might expect.

So how does one determine which vape juices are worth buying and which ones are not? To answer this question, you will want to examine both the ingredients used and the manufacturing process.

Determining E-Liquid Quality

There are many e-liquid brands on the market today and while some of the companies behind these brands manufacture their products with quality in mind, there are those that cut corners for the sake of profit, placing customers at risk of vaping contaminated e-liquid. A study conducted in Australia found some e-liquids labeled as nicotine-free to contain traces of nicotine. In other e-liquids that they tested, which were purchased over the counter from local vape shops, they found other contaminants, including the chemical 2-chlorophenol, which is commonly used in disinfectants, pesticides, and herbicides. Yuck, right?

This is why you need to understand what ingredients the manufacturer is using as well as the process through which they manufacture their e-liquid. But how do you find out?

One way you can determine whether an e-liquid company is manufacturing their e-liquids with your safety in mind is to assess their credentials. Vape juice manufacturers will often boast their certifications, letting potential customers know why they're the best. Those who don't mention their manufacturing process or detail it in any way might not be doing anything wrong when it comes to how they manufacture their e-liquid, but then again, it certainly doesn't imply that they're doing it right.

In certain countries, such as the United States, there are regulations imposed on local e-liquid manufacturers. These regulations, while sometimes viewed as regulatory hurdles that must be overcome by the companies that must adhere to them, help ensure that e-liquids are manufactured safely. The same can be said for e-liquids manufactured in the United Kingdom, as UK e-liquid manufacturers must also adhere to local regulations governing the manufacturing of e-liquid.

On the other hand, there are countries with no such regulations. Vape companies manufacturing e-liquids in these countries are not forced by the heavy hand of government to adhere to regulations, which in turn makes their e-liquids questionable. This is not to say that they're not manufacturing their e-liquids the way they should be, but rather that there is no legal necessity for them to, leaving some to potentially use less than ideal manufacturing processes to produce their e-liquids.

Some vape companies, like Vaper Empire, manufacture all of their e-liquids in state of the art cleanrooms while adhering to EU-standards, making them an obvious choice for vapers who care about the quality of the e-liquids that they vape. In the case of this particular company, they boast their credentials, making a point to let customers know that they take the quality of their e-liquid seriously. This includes letting customers know that they're not only adhering to EU-standards but that they also use premium ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine in their e-liquid.

Of course, the only real way to know without a doubt whether a company is making their e-liquid the right way is to test their e-liquid. This does not mean you should run out, buy a bunch of e-liquid, and then vape it. What this does mean is that the only real way to determine the quality of e-liquid is to analyze its chemical makeup, which is not something that everyone can easily do. Subsequently, the best bet vapers may have is to assess the credentials of e-liquid manufacturers and read the testimonies and reviews of vapers who have used their e-liquids. In light of the regulations imposed on some e-liquid manufacturers by local governments, it may also be wise to stick to e-liquids made in countries with strict regulations governing the manufacturing of e-liquid.

In the United States, there a number of e-liquid manufacturers that adhere to the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association's standards. While adhering to AEMSA's standards is not a necessity for US manufacturers, some vape juice makers in the country go above and beyond what government regulations demand of them in order to offer the best possible products to their customers. As a result, AEMSA certified e-liquid manufacturers are seen by some as the premier manufacturers of US e-liquids.

Premium E-Liquids Are Not Always The Best

As noted previously, there are cheap e-liquids and then there are premium e-liquids. While inexpensive e-liquids can be of the highest quality, premium e-liquids can be of the lowest quality, as there are companies that merely use the label as a selling point to market their inferior products. Be this the case, vapers who are keen to buy the best that the market has to offer are likely wise to research beyond the proclamation of premium, as the claim may or may not hold any weight.

Do Your Research

The conclusion that you should draw from all this is that it's best to do your research before buying a vaping a new e-liquid. Find out which brands can be trusted and which manufacturers are adhering to the highest standards in manufacturing and quality control. Do all this and you will almost certainly be better off than you would be were you to ignore all of this and simply buy whatever e-juice catches your eye.

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