WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vape Pod System

In this age it seems like technology will pass you by if you're not careful. You've probably been hearing about one of the newest devices on the market, or heard the words "salt" or "pod" being mentioned. Pod devices are a new compact version of an electronic cigarette, and use a particular type of ejuice, that is made with Salt Nicotine rather than traditional freebase nicotine. 

The pods and salt nic ejuice serve the same purpose ultimately, but are gaining popularity as it the experience is a little different. The pods, for one, can be great on the go just due to their size and portability, secondly are also very discreet. If you're not the cloud chaser type and just want something to get the job done without compromising flavor, a pod device might be the route to go. 

The main reason the pod devices have risen in popularity is their ability to provide the user with a experience not felt before from traditional freebase nicotine ejuices. So we do typically only recommend using salt nicotine liquids in the pod devices, rather than the normal ejuice. Also visa versa, we would NOT recommend using salt ejuice in the larger sub ohm devices. Using the salt ejuice and pod device combination gives the user a much quicker rush feeling and larger satisfaction without the huge hit of a sub ohm device. 

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