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Nicotine Salts



SALT NIC Juice | Satisfy with a Smoother Vape

Salt Nicotine juice has gained popularity among vapors for many reasons, one of which is that it generally does a better in helping smokers transition to vaping. Salt Nicotine has more "Pep" with the potential to be more satisfying than freebased nicotine liquids while also physically vaping less. Although you may physically be vaping less, Salt Base Nicotine is stronger yet vapes smoother in higher strengths. Not into Blowing Big Vape Clouds? With the power and smoothness of Salt Nic, there's no need for great big vaporizers or large vape clouds. Learn More Here

Grab your Salt Nic juice from Central Vapors in some of great flavors you already love. Take 25% all orders of Nicotine Salts for a limited time with coupon code: "CENTRALSALTS"



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