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E-Liquid Quality Is An Important Factor For Vapers To Consider

Torn between cheap e-liquid and high-quality premium e-liquid? You're not the only one as vapers around the world struggle with this decision every day. Here's what you need to know.Cheap E-Liquids Aren't Always Low Quality Just because you pay little for something does not mean that it lacks in quality. The truth is that the price [...]

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Using Your Phone To Track Your Progress Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking and switching to vaping is something that many smokers have already done. For smokers who are thinking about doing the same, there is now an app that can transform your phone into a progress tracker. Once the app, which is only for Android devices, is installed on your phone, all you have to do [...]

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How to Make Vape Coils Last Longer: Everything You Need to Know

On average, we spend about $60 on vaping supplies every month. This includes things like e-juice and replacement parts. The most common amongst these replacement parts are vape coils. By lengthening the lifetime of a vape coil, you'll end up saving some money every month. Over time, those savings could help you buy your dream vaping [...]

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How Cig-A-Likes Make Vaping Easy For Smokers

Smokers that are trying to switch to vaping may find cig-a-likes to be their ideal starting point. The reasons for this are as follows.Similar Look & Feel Cig-a-likes, as they're known, are designed to mimic the cigarettes they aim to replace in the hands of smokers. They're approximately the same diameter and length as conventional cigarettes, [...]

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What to Know About Buying a Vape Mod for the First Time

If you're new to vaping then you have a lot to learn. First, you need a mod or vape pen. You'll also need some awesome tasting eJuice and the right coils for your tank. But, it doesn't end there. You should also become familiar with the type of experience you're looking for. Vaping didn't become popular [...]

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How to Steep Ejuice: Everything You Need to Know

With 20 million people vaping worldwide, it's no surprise that everyone wants to get the most out of their e-liquid.  So, more people are learning how to steep e juice. Once e-juice has been steeped, it tastes a lot better, and has a smoother feel to it. In fact, once you start steeping, it'll be hard [...]

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Guide To Buying Nicotine Vape Juice In Australia

The laws in Australia are fairly strict at this time when it comes to vaping products like e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Fortunately for adults in Australia that want these products, there are options readily available. This guide covers the specifics of buying nicotine vape juice in Australia. When you buy vape juice in Australia, you're limited to [...]

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Maintain Your Vape: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Your Vape

Vape pens themselves are becoming more flexible and robust with their capabilities. That is true as long as you know how to clean your vape. Eventually, you'll start to get weaker pulls and a muted flavor as your vape gets dirty. The first things that will fail you are the filters and the coils.  You can save a [...]

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Puff, Puff, May I Pass? A Quick Guide to Vaping Laws

You've seen it in the streets and on the beach. It's the new trend that's taking over the world one cloudy exhalation at a time.  You've probably seen people vaping in bars, restaurants, and even schools! Is it legal, though? Where are you allowed to vape, and where is it prohibited?  The laws surrounding vapes and vaping [...]

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Vaping Facts You May Not Know About

Almost eleven million people in the U.S use vaping devices. However, many people are still in the dark about how vaping works. For example, how vaping without nicotine is not only possible, but common. Luckily, this article exists to clear up ten misconceptions about vaping. So if you're thinking about taking up vaping, reading this guide will [...]

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