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Premium Ejuice

Premium E Juice | Privileged Premium Vape Juice


Premium E Juice | Central Vapors Premium Vape Juice Flavors

Introducing Privileged Vape Juice, 100% USA Premium Vape Juice flavors handcrafted and pre-steeped to perfection. Feeling privileged today? Well you should because with your first order of premium ejuice we're offering the "underprivileged" 35% OFF!  After vaping gourmet Eliquids with names like Wealth EJuice and Prosper Eliquid, its hard not to feel slightly Privileged while enjoying these extravagant mouthwatering flavors.

Each bottle of Central Vapors premium e-juice flavors is meticulously created and pre steeped for several weeks to achieve the prime flavors for vaping. Premium E-juices are always spot tested for perfection and labeled with an additional batch number tracking back to specific lots of vape juice created months in advance.

Top of the line Best Premium EJuices crafted specifically for Privileged vapors! Just kidding, don't take us too seriously on the whole privileged and underprivileged thing, we're just having fun having a little fun. But seriously, Central Vapors premium eliquids are extremely well crafted with complex and yet elegantly simple flavors for all to enjoy.

Vapors with a more discerning vape pallet for flavors will undoubtedly appreciate the superb flavors and recognize the passionate creativity which has gone into crafting what we now know as the Privileged Line of Premium Ejuices.


New and returning customers, Take 35% OFF with coupon code: PREMIUMJUICE

This Vape Discount Deal is 1 time use only, valid towards any Premium Eliquid


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