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Bitcoin is digital money that is created by people to trade electronically. If you haven't heard of Bitcoin chances are you will soon enough. Digital currency is really a trending topic around social networks and making some huge gains recently. The people over at Generation Crypto seem to be stuffing members pockets full of cash as they offer up some of the best insider Bitcoin trading information.

Not long ago there were a few ecig brands that began to accept Bitcoin as payment for e-cigs and vapor products. Due to the standing FDA regulations, electronic cigarette companies are temporarily no longer allowed to accept BitCoin but we are looking to change that soon. Some of the recent and ongoing events with the FDA legislation looks positive and hopefully soon these changes will take effect and open the doors so everyone can buy ecigs and ejuice with Bitcoin. This is awesome news for vapers and Bitcoin traders.

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The Vaping Sweet Spot

The Right E-Liquid to Discover Your Vaping Sweet Spot It is great that you entered the world of vaping. As you began, you started out thinking that vaping is simple. Then you got to know about tanks, mods, cartomizers, coils, voltage, wattage, PG, VG, milligrams and e-liquid which may have made you change your mind a bit. While searching for [...]

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Tips to help you choose the right eliquid

Things to think about when choosing an eLiquid Flavor Throughout your time as a vaper you may have found a flavor that you like or maybe you’re still searching. There are many different flavors and flavor combinations available in the market which can make choosing the best e-cigarette liquid difficult for you. Most vapers do not want to buy an [...]

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How To Store Your E-Liquid To Make It Last Longer

How to keep your Ejuice and Eliquids Stored to last Many vapers are curious to know what they need to do to make their e-liquid last longer and taste as good as the day it was bought. Taking care of your e-liquid is pretty simple, there are a few steps to make sure that your eliquid will stay fresh [...]

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Things You Need To Know About E-Liquids

Electronic cigarettes employ a special solution called e-liquid that gets vaporized by a battery powered atomizer and produces the same sensation of smoking.A base of PG/VG and flavoring are the two primary ingredients in e-liquids. Liquid nicotine is included in solutions for fulfilling a nicotine replacement role whereas zero-nicotine formulas are meant for smokers wanting to get rid of the [...]

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What Is Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin?

All e juices contain vegetable glycerin (VG) and/or propylene glycol (PG) as a “base” ingredient, the liquid that carries the flavor and combines with water to make the rich, smooth vapor you enjoy. While both VG and PG are perfectly capable of keeping your vape full and flavorful, there are differences between them that might shape your decision when buying e juice. [...]

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​How To Find The Best E-Juice For You

How To Find The Best E-Juice For YouTo have the best e-cigarette smoking experiences, you need flavors that you like personally and with them use the right level of nicotine. The market is flooded with too many flavors and choosing ones that suit you may seem a bit difficult for you. To make this search easy for you, it is [...]

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How to Choose the Best E-liquid?

When it comes to vaping, choosing which type of e-liquid is not an easy task to do. It’s all about personal preference and a lot of factors come into play. The quality of the e-liquid should be of major concern, we highly urge all customers to only use USA made e liquids. As we feel that we and [...]

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Using the right E Liquid for you.

Just like before vaping, people had to choose the right traditional cigarette to smoke. Today e-cigarette customers also have to choose the appropriate nicotine strength. When you are switching over from traditional cigarettes, you want to switch to an e-liquid that matches the nicotine strength that you were used to. Just as some traditional cigarettes can [...]

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Welcome to the new Central Vapors site!!

Many of you may be new to Central Vapors, some of you may be long time customers so thank you, to you both for checking out the site! We hope that our new site will significantly improve your shopping experience with us. Our site was way overdue for an upgrade! We know that big changes like [...]

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