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DIY E Juice Flavor Concentrates

Flavor Concentrates for the best vape juice flavors cheap e juice

DIY E Liquid Flavor Concentrates | Mixing Your Own eJuice Flavors

Best Flavor Concentrate and MADE in the USA! We're excited to have you with us. You will see that we are serious about our E-Juice Flavor Concentrate and customer service. We only offer only the Highest Quality eJuice Flavor Concentrate Made in the USA.

Have fun making your own DIY eJuice liquids and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your very own custom eJuice flavors and one of a kind mixes! If your interested in DIY e liquid but not sure what all you need, we've put together a convenient all in one DIY eJuice Kit which is perfect for starters and veterans alike. DIY eJuice Kits are Packed with everything you'll need to get started right out of the box. With over 200 DIY eJuice flavor concentrates to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless. Mix and match flavor concentrates to make your very own and one of a kind flavor creation, or simply order a concentrate in the flavor you already know and love to try your hand at making ready to Vape bottles of your favorite eJuice.

We found the most popular way our customers enjoy using flavor concentrates is by simply adding a few drops of flavor concentrate to a bottle eJuice they already have, or one that previously purchased elsewhere. Here’s a great example, suppose you usually order Menthol eJuice, of course Menthol eJuice is great all by itself but imagine if you added a few drops of strawberry concentrate to the bottle! WOW, all the sudden you've got a totally new flavor, Strawberry eJuice with a Cool blast, now that sounds pretty good to us! Your taste preference may be slightly different but we think you get the picture.

Most importantly, Have fun and enjoy Central Vapors DIY Flavor Concentrates.


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