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Posted by Courtney McElligott on

What is stealth vaping


The act of vaping in a secret or covert way to not draw attention to the fact that you are vaping is what many call "Stealth Vaping." For example, many people stealth vape in locations where vaping is not allowed or when they don't want others to realize that they are vaping.

Let's face it, we're trying to quit smoking with vaping, and it's not necessarily something that everyone who vapes wants to make apparent to everyone around them. Vaping is an excellent pathway to quit Smoking Cigarettes, but even with vaping, there's a time and a place for it.


Smoking Cigarettes is quickly becoming socially unacceptable and even band in several public places. People who don't Smoke Cigarettes, and never have tend to assume vaping is equally as bothersome or annoying, and it can sometimes be hard for vapers trying to quit smoking to find a place to vape because they may not want to be seen vaping.

Stealth vaping can also be a matter of respect; just because you are allowed to vape somewhere doesn't mean you want to blow an enormous cloud on others. So stealth vaping can be respectful in many cases, whether in a bar or the workplace.

Vapers know that it's reasonably harmless to vape in public, and since public perception is still quite negative, some prefer to keep their habit private. So ideally, if you can master the art of "Stealth Vaping," the people around you will never see, smell or know your vaping.


Obviously, the ideal vape device used to stealth vape isn't going to be an enormous mod. Instead, you'll need to carefully consider everything from the size of your vape kit and the ejuice you're using in it.


A smaller, compact vape kit
Nicotine salts for fewer vape clouds with equivalent nicotine delivery
Lower temperature settings for a smaller vape cloud
Vape pod systems are compact and discrete


The flavor you're vaping with makes a difference; using lighter flavors like vanilla or cherry can help keep any slip-ups in your technique from being noticed immediately. However, if you want to be super stealthy, clearly, the absolute best option is a flavorless blend with your preferred nicotine level.

Choosing the optimal PG/VG blend in your eJuice also makes a significant difference in the number of vape clouds that your device creates, and if your vape liquid is blended with lots of VG, it could very possibly ruin your stealth vaping technique. On the other hand, an eJuice with higher Propylene glycol produces much smaller clouds and is the clear choice for stealth vaping; although it makes the vape taste slightly less sweet and less smooth, the trade-off's when trying to Stealth Vape may be worth the sacrifice.

A 75/25 blend of PG to VG is good enough for most people. However, if you're not used to the blend, it may be a bit harsh, so make sure that you try it out by ordering a small bottle to ensure you're satisfied with a higher PG blended eJuice before you go stocking up on huge bottles!


There are many different ways to stealth vape; each has its little nuances. But, the first thing you'll need to do is learn how to hold the vape correctly in the palm of your hand and when you bring it up to your mouth, you need to make sure the LED battery indicator is covered since this s a clear giveaway!


The easiest way to do this is to keep the device hidden in your palm and simply take a small puff. The smaller, the better, since the more of a vape cloud you make, the more likely it is you'll be noticed. This is one reason why using nicotine salts or eJuice with a higher-PG blend is highly recommended for stealth vaping.

When exhaling the vape, blowing the vapor into a napkin or down the collar of your shirt can help reduce the size of the vape cloud as long as you can accomplish this without drawing more attention to the napkin or leaning your head down to blow down your shirt.


A zeroed hit produces little or no vapor at all. It's probably the best stealth vaping technique, and it's relatively easy to pull off.

The easiest way to accomplish the Zero Hit Technique is to take several small puffs with about a second in between them. These puffs should be almost micro-puffs. Afterward, hold them in for about 3 to 5 seconds, and when you slowly exhale, you'll notice there is virtually Zero vapor!

Remember that stealth vaping to not intended to side skirt rules where vaping is restricted or illegal, like on an airplane. Stealth vaping is simply a technique to discretely and privately vape without disturbing others around you while on your journey to quitting tobacco products.

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