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Possible Ban on all Vaping Flavors

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Flavor ban on Vaping

Flavor options dramatically boost the chances of a smoker having success in quitting.

If you're seeing the word "Flavor Ban" in this title and thinking this article is about politics, it's not. This is about vaping and how the many flavors of vape juice available today far outnumber the limited options of tobacco. The focal point here is that these flavor options dramatically boost the chances of a smoker's successful transition by having available this wide assortment of Vape Liquid flavors that suites just about any personal preference.

In the United States, cigarettes are significantly limited in terms of flavor options. You're looking at a choice between menthol or tobacco. Of course, there are cigars, which do come in some different flavors, although limited. And then there's shisha, which is used with hookahs, and also available in quite a few different flavors. However, even when you combine all of the different flavor options of cigarettes, cigars, and shisha, the flavor options available in today's e-liquids vastly outnumber all else.

At Central Vapors, you'll undoubtedly find something. We produce a massive assortment of vape liquids for all types of vapors. Also, at Central Vapors, our e-liquid selection is further customizable and met to be personable. We're confident that most vapers will find that one flavor that they can truly appreciate, if not dozens.

For vapers that want a more hands-on approach, we offer DIY e-juice supplies where vapers can purchase e juice flavoring or even a full kit used to create ready to vape flavors. Central Vapors provides DIY Vape Juice supplies, including every from flavor concentrate, VG, PG, liquid nicotine, and more. Mix a combination of flavor concentrates and create any vape liquid imaginable, bottle it up, and call it your own.

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