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Choose E-Cigs Over Traditional Cigarettes

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Some people make decisions based on what benefits them the most. For years, cigarette smokers have been hearing about the bad effects of cigarette smoking. It causes heart disease, lung disease, strokes, various types of cancer, and respiratory diseases. Cigarette smoking is also related to the low birth weight in babies whose mothers are smokers.

So, if you are a smoker and all these things worry you, then, make a switch to electronic cigarettes. There are many benefits of choosing electronic cigarettes (E-Cigs) over traditional cigarettes.

Some of the top benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

No Distinctive Odor

  • Traditional cigarettes leave behind a foul odor. It is much more noticeable to those who do not smoke or who have quit smoking. If you are a smoker, you will probably not be aware of it as you are immersed in that environment all the time. On the other hand, E-Cigs do not have unpleasant odor. They come in many delicious E-Liquid flavors that produce small to no smell, and most importantly the smell doesn’t stick to you or linger like traditional cigarette smoke.


  • Traditional cigarettes are life threatening. There are many health risks associated with smoking. E-Cigs have proved the fact that they contain substantially fewer chemicals. Also, E-Cigs run on batteries. They do not require burning any flames to light them up.

Cost Benefit

  • Buying branded traditional cigarettes are costly for those who smoke entire cigarettes pack in a day. That’s why electronic cigarettes are cheaper alternative for smoking. No doubt, that some starter kits for E-Cigs may be a little high priced when bought initially, but the initial expense is worth the long term savings.


  • Cigarettes are the number one cause of fire related deaths worldwide. E-Cigs are safer than traditional cigarettes as there is typically no risk of fire. With E- Cigs, you are not burning tobacco and there is no open flame when smoking an electronic cigarette. When ECigs are used safely, there is substantially less risk for fires.

Likewise, there are many other benefits of choosing E-Cigs over traditional cigarettes.

What have you found to be your top benefit of vaping over smoking?

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