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5 New Central Vapors E Juice Flavors To Try

Posted by Mason on

E juices Flavors to try

Flavor Your World with Central Vapors E Juice

Vaping is on the rise and for good reason. With its many benefits over traditional smoking, such as no stale ashtray smell clinging to your clothes, no ashy mess, no tar and no secondhand smoke, more and more people are turning to vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

Additionally, many people have quit the smoking habit in favor of vaping. In fact, according to a recent study, after trying vaping for the first time, 44% of people switched to e-cigarettes exclusively.

Vaping is done through  electronic cigarette devices loaded with a liquid that contains nicotine, which is then heated and turned into a vapor so it can be inhaled. The best part about e-cigs is that they are fully customizable depending on how much nicotine you want and the ratio of your e juice blend.

However, that's not the only way you can customize your vaping experience, you can also choose  vaping flavors that delight your senses and make vaping that much more enjoyable. The nicotine-based liquid is often referred to as e liquid or e juice and whether you like traditional flavors or more adventurous flavors, Central Vapor has e juice options to please everyone.

New E juice Flavors

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie EJuice

Nearly everyone remembers walking into Grandma's house and smelling the mouth-watering scent of sugar cookies fresh out of the oven. Imagine the perfect cookie turned into a vaping liquid that you get to enjoy over and over with each and every puff. With the Cinnamon Sugar Cookie e juice, you can choose normal flavor strength or if you just can't get enough of the sweet cinnamon and sugar taste, you can also go with the extra flavor. You can also customize how much nicotine you want it to contain from 0 mg all the way up to 24 mg.

Blood Rainbow EJuice

If you like your e juice to be sweet as candy and full bursting flavors with every puff, Blood Rainbow is a must try. It is packed with tart and fruity flavors that combine the delightful sweetness of your favorite childhood candy with the luscious orange flavor of a blood orange. Like all of Central Vaping's flavors, Blood Orange is freshly prepared after you submit your order and pre-steeped during delivery, so as soon as it arrives at your door it is ready to be enjoyed. If the normal flavor is just not enough tangy sweetness for you, consider going with the extra flavor strength for maximum taste.

Sweet Peach Tea EJuice

If you would rather have the taste of sunshine, sweetness and fresh peaches than the citrusy flavor of blood oranges, you must try Sweet Peach Tea. This flavor is not only irresistible, it's also amazingly refreshing. It's like the taste of summer with every puff. Even better, you get to enjoy this fresh and charming flavor with as much nicotine as you want, and if the flavor doesn't meet or exceed your expectations, it will be replaced for free. This Sweet Peach Tea is all reward and no risk, so there is no reason not to order a bottle, or two, today.

Sweet Melon EJuice

If peach tea is not enough summer packed into a bottle, then Sweet Melon is perfect for you. Loaded with the juicy fragrance of fresh grown cantaloupes, this bright fruity mixture will make you think of green grass, blue skies and the sun shining on your face. You choose bottle sizes of 10, 30 or 50 ML and customize your nicotine level to make the best e juice around. With all flavors, you can customize the PG/VG ratio to your choosing as well.

Razzleberry Pop EJuice

If the kid inside you just can't get enough candy, candy, candy than you must try Razzleberry Ring Pop e juice today. It is loaded with that quintessential Razzleberry flavor and that perfect sugary kick of a ring pop. It is delightfully tart and amazingly sweet. Once you try this fabulous flavor, you will know what has been missing in your life. Like all Central Vapor flavors, Razzleberry Ring Pop comes in a childproof dropper bottle that makes it super convenient to refill your vape tank.

All Central Vapor e juice flavors are fully customizable and shipped out within 24 hours of when you order, and depending on when you submit your order, it can be shipped out that same day.

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