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Your Unique Taste: How to Choose a Flavor of Vapor You'll Love

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

How to Choose a Flavor of Vapor

With all of the new products and developments in the vaping world, it can be hard to keep up!

That's because the industry is booming, jumping from 7 million vapors in the US in 2011 to over 35 million in 2016.

With the industry changing so much, how do you know what type of vape juice to use?

With all of the different products out there, let's find the right flavor of vapor for you!

Types of E-Juice

We know it can be tricky to find the right mod, tank, coil, and everything else. It can be confusing for people who are just starting to vape.

Before we get into flavoring, there are different types of juices that can be used for different vapes and different vapers.

Let's talk about a couple of different types of e-juice available in the market.


All vape juices use two ingredients for their base: vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).

Don't let that confuse you. The standard ratio is 50% VG and 50% PG. Check out a helpful guide on the difference between VG and PG.

A 30PG/70VG ratio is known to perform better for taste and creating larger clouds of vapor. The effects may vary by your personal vape, and your preferences, so don't be afraid to ask questions at the store to find what you need.


Nicotine salts are most commonly used for vapes that use the pod system. If you are buying a juice with nicotine salts, make sure it is set to low wattage.

Ejuice with salt nicotine is treated completely different than traditional freebase nicotine, so make sure and do your homework on this one! 

If you are using a box mod or a strong vape pen, stick to lower nicotine levels.

If you are confused by what types of vape juices are best for your vape, ask before purchasing.

Types of Vape Flavors

With so many different and even weird vape flavors to choose from, it's like walking into a grocery store on an empty stomach.

If you know your tastes and what kind of flavors you like, see if it's available in a vape juice! Here are the most popular types of vape flavors on the market.


Fruit vapes, or any sweet vapes, try to mimic the flavor of your favorite fruits. There are many combinations that companies will test out, like strawberry and banana, or kiwi and watermelon.

If you know what kind of fruits you like the most, search for those flavors or ask somebody in the store. Most companies sell a wide variety of fruit-flavored vape juices.


Another popular sweet vape, many companies will create products that taste like your favorite candies.

These occasionally taste similar to fruit vapes, but with a little more sweetness. 


Dessert vapes are pretty common, offering anything from baked goods to ice cream flavors. These can also be incorporated with fruit flavors, like strawberry shortcake.

From cakes to creams, dessert vapes have it all. Try out some of the dessert flavors that you like, and see if these match your taste buds!


Tobacco-flavored vape juice is not the most popular, but it is common for people who use vapes to quit smoking.

Some of them are even flavored tobacco flavors, which can be the next step when switching from plain tobacco to something fruity. Like our Blu- Bacco. Most smokers don't really like the taste of tobacco, but it helps make the switch not completely off putting at first. Not everyone switches over so easily. 


Another popular one for people quitting smoking. If you smoked menthol cigarettes, this is a great way to ease off from smoking by providing the same, cool and refreshing taste.

Menthol flavors are also commonly mixed with fruit flavors. Mentholated apple or strawberry flavors are extremely popular.


Coffee lovers unite! There are coffee-flavored vape juices available from the natural flavor of coffee beans, to mixtures with chocolate and caramel.

If you order coffee instead of dessert after a meal, this might be your new favorite!


Coffee and cereal? Get a well-balanced breakfast in your vape today!

These are extremely popular flavors, especially for box mods. Any of your favorite cereal brands' flavors are often well-captured into a vape juice. Try it out!

How to Pick the Right Flavor of Vapor

Back in 2014, there were over 7,700 different flavors being sold by 460 different brands, and those numbers are only increasing. Finding the right one for you can be tough.

Not everybody's tastes are the same, so it can be tough to find the best flavor for you.

However, while most people who vape like to switch up their flavors from time to time, many who have found their favorite one will stick to it. In other words, it is worth it to try a few and find out your go-to.

If any of the categories we mentioned of different flavors sound appealing to you, check out which sell the best. Talk to a store clerk or check the bestsellers online.

Try them out, and if it isn't up your alley, try a different flavor that sounds appealing. You may be surprised by how much you like a flavor, so don't judge a vape juice by its cover!

Next Steps

With all of these different flavors from hundreds of brands, it's up to you to find out what you like best.

If you grew up eating cereal and you miss that taste, give a cereal flavor a try! If you're a frequent coffee drinker, try a coffee vape juice!

Once you know the right flavor of vapor for you, you may never go back!

If you haven't found the one for you and you want to get creative, check out how to DIY your own vape juice and make the perfect one for yourself!

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