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Everything You Need To Know About Vape Juice

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Whats In Vape Juice

Whats in Vape Juice

If you're new to vaping and e-liquid, you want to have access to the best information possible. Here's everything you need to know about e liquid.

Gone are those old advertisements depicting cigarettes as something cool and hip. Today, vaping is now more popular among teens than smoking cigarettes, so it's important our industry keeps on top of completing the proper age versification.

It's not so surprising that vaping has taken over. For one thing, vaping allows for much more customization in the way of flavors and experiences.

When you're first starting out, you may have general questions. Specifically, understanding all of the different details about these liquids can be a little overwhelming for a beginner. Where do you even start?

No need to look any further. We've gathered up all of the most important information that will give you everything you need to know to get started on the right track with your e-cig liquids.

Liquid Bases

When choosing your first type of e-liquid, you'll come to notice that some liquids are made from PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin). Now, they may sound intimidating, but the fact is that these two ingredients are actually found as normal food additives, such as in medicines or as sweeteners.

Both have been GRAS and, some would argue, they are much safer than the chemicals found in normal cigarettes. Nearly all e-cig liquids are made up of these bases. Either it will be 100% of one or a mixture of both.

PG vs VG

Both of these bases will give you a great experience, but they do have their differences.

PG gives you more of a throat hit when you draw in the vapor. It also produces a thinner and less "fluffy" kind of vapor cloud as you exhale. Due to the stronger hit, you'll often find PG as a base for a lot of cigarette-imitation flavors.

VG, on the other hand, produces a much thicker vapor cloud. The throat hit is much smoother and less strong compared to PG. Because VG makes for a great type of sweetener, you'll often find that it is the base for the sweeter types of flavors.

Best of Both Worlds

Some people prefer a mix of the two, however. This gives them a nice middle ground between the two. They get a stronger hit than just VG but a thicker cloud than 100% PG can give them.

When buying your first e-liquid, take a look at the information as to what bases have been used to make up that liquid. You should be able to find this information most often in the way of percentages. This should give you a good idea if a liquid is more like PG or VG, and from that, you can choose exactly the experience you want.

Please Note

It should be noted that there are instances where people have felt an allergic reaction to PG liquids. It's a small chance, but if you feel a strong burning sensation in your throat, or if you develop other symptoms such as rashes or hives, stop using PG immediately and move on to pure VG liquids instead.

Nicotine Content

When first going from normal cigarettes to e-cigs, most of the time the goal is to stop smoking cigarettes altogether. With adding nicotine to e-liquid, you're able to satiate that addiction while no longer using traditional cigarettes.

Nicotine can come in different strengths, measured by milligrams, from large quantities to very small quantities. This works well for those looking to stop cigarettes as you can wean yourself off the nicotine in natural jumps until you go for the liquids that have no nicotine at all.

When choosing your own nicotine content, try to go with the lowest possible to start with. Then, if you feel like you're not quite getting that craving, go with the next step up.

Starting off on the strongest right away could potentially be harmful and may not help you in reducing your addiction at all.


There are so many different flavors available to choose from. Some people even like to try and make their own.

It's one of the biggest reasons that vaping is so much fun. You can pick and choose the exact thing you like and you never have to worry because there are always others to choose from in case you're looking for something new.

If you're someone who just wants a replica of the cigarettes you're leaving behind, e-liquids have got you covered. You'll have no trouble finding a liquid that gives you that same taste that you want, with far less of the harmful chemicals to worry about. With a proper kit to go with it, you might not even notice a difference.

If you're a person who would rather experiment and try out new flavors in your vaping, you've got thousands of things to choose from. From bubble gum and cinnamon apple to lemon meringue and chocolate. You can even find ones flavored similarly to your favorite energy drinks.


As with most things, the quality and complete experience of vaping will depend on the quality of what you buy. And sometimes paying a little extra up front can give you equipment that will last you a lot longer. This, in the end, saves you money when you don't have to constantly replace or upgrade your equipment.

An e-liquid is no different. Buying from a specialized store will most likely yield you better and more favorable results than if you had gone out to a gas station in most cases.

That's mostly because those specialized stores work specifically to make the best liquids they can for their customers. They know what they're doing and they know how to work with the materials in a more delicate way than a general manufacturer.

It may be in your best interest to start off with some quality e-liquids to ensure that you get the best of the vaping world.

Choosing the Right E-Liquid Makes All the Difference

The most fun thing about switching to vaping is that fact that there are nearly limitless options for you to choose from. If you want a more cigarette-like feel, there are liquids for that. If you love producing really thick clouds, there are liquids for that too.

The sky is the limit when it comes to vaping. Experiment with all kinds of different things. You never know what surprising experience you might find when trying something new.

Want to start finding your next favorite liquid? Check out our available flavors today!

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