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Vaping in the Summer

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Summertime is here. Summer is a great season whether you’re at the beach or the pool it’s a great time to be outside, but what about your ecig? The heat can cause problems to your e-cig and e-liquid if you do not take the right precautions.

The sun and heat can do irreversible damage to e-liquid and electronic cigarette. E-liquid that gets exposed to direct sunlight or when kept in a hot car, starts completely thinning out and will have a different taste. Even when brought back to room temperature it may never been the same. The heat would not only cause its flavor to change, but would also break down the nicotine, and changes the e-liquid’s texture. Also since the heat thins the liquid so much, when you leave your tank full of ejuice in your car for even a short while, when you return the juice may have totally leaked out through the air holes.

The problems simply do not end here. Heat can also damage the battery in your e-cig. Once lithium ion batteries reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat damages the battery’s cells. As a result of this, the battery would hold less and less of a charge, it may even leak battery acid.

Beating The Heat

Fortunately, these problems can be avoided. If it is possible for you, keep your vaping supplies in a cool and dark place. The best thing you can do to save your e-liquid is to keep it chilled in a refrigerator once it has already gone through the steeping process. But if you have opted to boat on a lake for the day, pack your e-cig and e-liquid in a plastic bag and keep them in the cooler to keep them safe from heat. Don’t let the device get too cool or too hot, so it could be a good thing to keep it in the cooler for the few minutes that you’re not using it.

Hopefully these tips would help to improve your vaping experience this summer. 

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