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Using the right E Liquid for you.

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Just like before vaping, people had to choose the right traditional cigarette to smoke. Today e-cigarette customers also have to choose the appropriate nicotine strength.

When you are switching over from traditional cigarettes, you want to switch to an e-liquid that matches the nicotine strength that you were used to. Just as some traditional cigarettes can be too strong or too weak to satisfy, e liquid is the same concept. It’s recommended that newcomers begin with 18mg (the best match to traditional cigarettes), and a good level for coming off cigarettes. There are however many levels of nicotine, which makes for a lot of different options as well as some confusion if you are just beginning.

The nicotine level will have an impact on how your e-cigarette performs. To be more specific, we’re referring to the ‘throat hit’. In terms of the ‘throat hit’, it’s recommended that people vaping on a scale of ’18’, jump either to the next level down (12) or the next level up (24).

When a person’s body is used to receiving a specific amount of nicotine, a lighter replacement than what it’s used to will cause them to engage in ‘compensation smoking’. They smoke more in order to get the missing nicotine that their body is craving.

On the flip side, when a person is used to smoking a light tobacco cigarette, and then selects a full-strength e-liquid, the body will receive too much nicotine and they can become light-headed. They might even decide that e-cigarettes are not for them. However, their problem is in the strength, not the e-cigarette or e liquid itself.

Vapers who stick out the change and who are able to experiment and finally find their e juice ‘sweet spot’ are the ones who will actually stick with it. These are the lucky people who will hopefully never pick up a cigarette again.

Then there are some people who want to get off nicotine altogether. They need to begin by matching their e-cigarette strength to the strength of their current cigarettes. From there, they can gradually reduce the strength, and in time they can get off nicotine once and for all. Eventually, they can be going through the rituals of smoking, but the nicotine will be absent. It’s a good way to wean themselves off nicotine as cold turkey historically doesn’t work that well.

There are some who find it really hard to quit smoking their traditional cigarettes even if they are vaping. Others quit the very day they begin to vape. Everyone is different and will handle their habit differently, it’s important not worry about the specifics and understand that taking that first step to quitting is what’s most important. They can replace them at a rate that is comfortable to them, as they test out the e-cigarette to find the right strength for their bodies to feel satisfied.

Overall it might take you one day to figure out where your comfortable at in terms of ejuice or it might take you a few weeks, stick out the process and we promise it will be worth it.

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