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​Tips That Can Help You Deal With Floods And Leaks

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Why is my vape tank leaking ejuice

Tips That Can Help You Deal With a Leaky Ecig Tank or Flooding Issues While Vaping

Are you asking yourself why is my vape tank leaking?

Leaky and flooding tanks affect your vaping experience severely, this can happen for many different reasons and most of the time fixing such issues is an easy fix. By getting familiar with your device and knowing how and why this happens can help you be more likely to stick with vaping and fix the problem faster or totally.

Flooding is the most common cause responsible for leaks or which we in other words can say leak-out as it is actually something different . It takes place when you suck your device too hard making the liquid overflow. As the atomizer gets too flooded and the wick is unable to vaporize it all, the result is liquid rushing out onto the battery or into your mouth. If you can imagine or if you’ve already experienced this, it is an unpleasant experience and you certainly would not want this to happen again.

Flooding a battery can have a damaging effect of a larger scale as it can completely kill the battery or cause your tank to constant have a gurgly sound. Your tank is considered to be flooding if you see that the liquid is coming from the area where battery and cartomizer meet.

Other causes responsible for flooding are tanks getting overfilled or the atomizer coil becoming too old to function properly.

Leaks, on the other hand, are typically caused due to small cracks in the tank, and make the liquid to actually leak out. Certain  e-liquid flavors like menthol, cinnamon along with some fruit flavors are known to cause plastic tanks to disintegrate and crack. This is the sole reason why people exclusively opt for glass tanks. This could be the reason for your leaking, or it could because you have dropped the device in the past. Even the smallest crack or disfigurement of the tank could cause it to leak. Most tanks don’t leak because the glass and the tank are fitted together perfectly and have the proper suction seal within the tank to not leak. Sometimes the damage isn’t even visible but when that seal is broken, that’s when leaks tend to occur.

How You Can Fix a Vape Flood:

If you are sure that the  atomizer coil is working fine, then rectifying a flood is simple. You need to disassemble all the parts of your device and then use a paper towel to dry off all the parts. Blow through the tip or use a q-tip to clean out and get rid of liquid that may be causing the unpleasant gurgling sound.

For long term protection, you should give a thought to swapping your device for a clear tank, because these tanks let you see the level of liquid at all times. So there is no risk of overfilling.

How You Can Fix a Leak:

If your device is really leaking due to cracks, there is no quick fix solution for this. You just have to purchase  replacement glass, or possibly an entire new tank if the metal was disfigured as well.

Getting your vape pen to function properly generally takes a couple of tweaks, and some basic knowledge about how things work and using the right products in the right manner. 

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