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Tips for Keeping Your E-cig and E-liquid in Top Condition

Posted by Raven on

Extend the Life of your E-Cig and Keeping E-liquid tasting great!

Having a great e-cig and e-liquid is not always enough – even the best vape devices on the market today can suffer from wear and  tear or improper use.

Here, are the 10 tips that will help you keep your e-cig in good condition.

- Don’t Let Your E-liquid Run Too Low

For Bottom Dual Coil clearomizers, when e-liquid level is at below the holes in the atomizers, your atomizer will not be able to draw in enough e-liquid. There occurs the risk of dry burn. Not only does this taste foul, but you also risk burning your atomizer out.

- Keep Your Battery Terminals Clean

It is important to keep e-cig battery terminal clean. Dirty terminals can affect performance and prevent the terminal from connecting with the clearomizer. You can clean the terminal, and keep it clean, with a cotton swab. Also, you can clean the end of the clearomizers in the same way for effective performance

- Store Your E-cig Correctly

The air holes are provided on your clearomizer to provide sufficient airflow over the coil to keep the vape at a comfortable temperature.

- Very important is ensuring your Coil or wicks stay saturated with e-liquid.

If you leave your e-cig upside down, the e-liquid can travel toward these holes and will eventually leak.

- Keeping Your Drip Tip or Mouthpiece Clean and Clear

Dust can easily accumulate in your mouth piece, blocking the flow of vapor. Remove the mouthpiece and blow through it to clean. You can also rinse the mouth piece or use a tissue to clean.

- Maintaining your clearomizer and atomizer can keep performance high and extend the life of your atomizer.

Steps for cleaning are:

Remove clearomizer from battery.

Take atomizer and mouth piece apart.

Wash with hot water.

Leave it to air dry completely.

Keep Your Clearomizer and Atomizer Clean

Store your e-cig upright, this will help avoid flooding the airspace.

Keep your e-cig away from water, direct sunlight, and high temperatures.

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