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Tanks Vs RDAs

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

There are clearomizers and tanks available on the market that enable users to have an experience similar to that obtained from a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). But still a clearomizer or tank cannot match the performance of an RDA. If you have been using a clearomizer for a long time, shifting to RDA could be a big step but can also open your eyes to the way atomizers work. Below is some great things to consider when thinking about switching to an RDA, information regarding disadvantages and advantages of a RDAs.

The Disadvantages Of Using RDA

Even though rebuildable dripping atomizers are regarded as a premier product in the vaping world, like any other item, they have disadvantages of their own. So when you opt for the transition, it’s helpful for anyone to know what to expect to be able to make the best decision.


Safety should remain your topmost concern and as you use RDA, you may expose yourself to potential risks if you do not know how to properly use an RDA. So it is recommended before trying to use a rebuildable dripping atomizer, to do tons of research about how it works, how important resistance level is, ohm’s law, how to build a coil properly and the required tools for building the coils safely.


With a RDA, you need to rebuild the coil instead of replacing it as you do with a clearomizer or tank. When it comes to tanks, manufacturers build and house coils whereas with RDA you yourself have to build the coils, and insert the cotton. If working with your hands on small objects, doing substantial research, and rebuilding the coils themselves doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in, dripping may not be for you.


Rebuildable dripping atomizers are named pretty appropriately, vapers have to manually drip into the atomizer continuously. Clearomizers are great as they have a tank portion which holds the e-liquid and feeds the wicking material as the liquid depletes. An RDA is different. In it coil and wicking material get exposed and no tank is there. To continue to vaporize, you have to manually feed the wicking material with an e-liquid so the coil has something to vaporize. Vapers using tanks would find that the act of continuously dripping can be a hassle for them. But if you can sacrifice those few seconds after every 5-10 pulls to drip the liquid, you may find that dripping is worth the extra effort to you!


If you’re beginning to drip, be prepared to buy a lot of ejuice. Like a lot. When you’re using an RDA and a high powered device there is a significant amount of vapor production, which is essentially using a lot of ejuice. Central Vapors offers bulk size bottles that is perfect for drippers so you won’t break the bank in the process.

The Advantages Of RDA Use

Here are some advantages you can expect from using an RDA so you as the consumer can decide if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages or visa versa.

No Limits

While using a RDA, there are no limits. You are not forced to vape a manufactured coil which is built at a certain resistance level, with a certain gauge or kind of wire nor you are forced to use a certain kind of wicking material. There are no limits to what you can build and it allows you to completely customize your own vaping experience. So hardcore users build intricate coils and precise wicking setups to get the best performance. They are free to vape what they want and how they want to.

Low Cost

RDAs were invented to not only give vapers an unbelievable performance but also for reducing the cost. Many vapers did not like the cost of manufacturer made coils for tanks, so RDAs became a good alternative for them due to their reduced cost.

Improved Performance

As you move from a clearomizer to an RDA, you would notice a large increase in performance. Both the flavor and vapor production would get greatly intensified.

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