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Sub Ohm Tanks vs. Regular Vape Tanks

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Sub ohm tanks employ an atomizer having a resistance below 1 ohm. This tank implements a lower coil pressure and a bigger wick that enables huge amount of airflow. Sub ohm tanks were used previously by the premier vapers having many years of experience.

The prime reason that vapers chose to go with sub ohm is that it lets them have a higher vapor production with an increase in flavor. These tanks produce more vapor overall as they get hotter which enables them to vaporize faster. Drippers are also pretty fond of these tanks when not using an RDA.

Sub ohm tanks generally work fine with an e-liquid which has got a higher percentage of VG (vegetable glycerin) than percentage of PG (propylene glycol). Vegetable glycerin is known for producing large clouds. These tanks allow better flavor production as compared to regular tanks. More vapor in each puff is equivalent to more of a hit as well. If you use ejuice with nicotine, the best options for these tanks are e-liquids which are below 6 mg. Sub ohm is also known for lung hits which can be a little stronger, so some people may go down in their nicotine level.

Although sub ohm tanks offer a great advantage in terms of vapor production, these also have some disadvantages. As these tanks are known for their huge vapor production, they also use much more e-liquid when compared to regular tanks. A regular tank when filled fully will last for much longer time than a sub ohm tank. If using a sub ohm, you need to fill your tank more often. Sub ohms have got adjustable airflows but work fine with the airflow hole wide-open. Because of the overall warmth produced by the coils, these tanks lead to a warm vape. So if like a cool vape, these type of tanks may not be a great fit for you. If you have just started vaping, do your research before purchasing and using sub ohm tanks. While using them, you have to consider more and must follow prescribed safety procedures. Do not forget to read about Ohm’s law to ensure sub ohm is the right choice for you.

Any vape that is higher than 1.0 ohm will be considered as a regular resistance vaping. Regular tanks are the most common option which most vapers use or begin with. Regular tanks are fine for any vaper. These can be easily used by any vaper who has just taken to vaping since they are not complex. These tanks feature a wick which prevents buildup and a clogged atomizer. They are a good choice for everyday use. As compared to sub ohm tanks, regular tanks produce a much smaller quantity of clouds. Also these have got a much smaller size than sub ohms.

Unlike sub ohm tanks, regular tanks go through less liquid. So your ejuice would last much longer as compared to sub ohm tanks, thus saving you a lot of money on ejuice. Also you may need not fill up your tank that often. Constantly refilling your tank can be a hassle. These tanks are different than sub ohms as they produce a satisfactory but not as strong of a hit that you would get from a sub ohm tank. These tanks also suit those who like high nicotine levels. As they do not produce much smoke, they will not produce an overpowering throat hit. 

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