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​How Vaping Makes You a Better Human Being

Posted by Courtney on

Only a smoker or an ex-smoker knows that feeling of being an outcast that smoking so often gives. As a smoker, you may not even notice that you are feeling guilty every time you light up, but as soon as you make the switch and only vape, it’s like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

You are causing less pollution.

If you have recently made the switch from smoking to vaping, Congratulations! You are no longer contributing to polluting the air we breathe with over 4,000 chemicals, around 70 of which are known to cause cancer.

You are creating less litter.
There is no doubt that cigarette butts are tiny, but when you consider how many cigarettes you and all the other around the world consume it can create a major issue. Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable and at a minimum, they take an entire year to decompose. Studies have shown that many cigarette butts never fully decompose at all. Even if as a smoker, you dispose of your butts responsibly, they are still somewhere on the earth for years, as extra, unnecessary litter. Switching to vaping can combat that as most eliquid bottles are plastic or glass and can be disposed of properly and recycled.

No more aweful cigarette smoke stench which seems to always follow smokers around.
For a moment, put the air pollution and carcinogens to one side and just think about the unpleasant smell of a cigarette. Each time you light up, innocent bystanders’ nasal passages will be invaded by cigarette smoke. Long after the cigarette has been extinguished, its smoke and smell is still detectable in the air, on clothing, hair, skin and breath. Sometimes, even spraying air freshener and taking a shower after every cigarette doesn’t help combat the bad smells, as the cigarette stink also sticks to the walls, carpets and other people. This is not the case with the E-cigs.

You’re no longer contributing to the success of big tobacco companies.
There are some people who still peddle tobacco even though it is one of society’s biggest killers. These are the guys that covered up tobacco’s harmful effects for years to ensure their profit margins stayed constant. Why contribute your wealth to your own health downfall and the well being of large tobacco companies that only care about the money.

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