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How to Make Vape Coils Last Longer: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

How to make coils last longer

On average, we spend about $60 on vaping supplies every month. This includes things like e-juice and replacement parts.

The most common amongst these replacement parts are vape coils. By lengthening the lifetime of a vape coil, you'll end up saving some money every month. Over time, those savings could help you buy your dream vaping setup.

But how do you do extend the life of a vape coil? Keep reading to find out all the necessary steps!

The Typical Coil Lifetime

Since those delicate coils heat up and cool down every time you press the fire button, the coils weaken over time. The material needs regular replacements to keep functioning at peak performance. 

The average coil lasts about 2 weeks. This average changes depending on how much you vape. If you're someone who vapes 24/7, you know by now that coils are a constant drain on your money.

Once you start tasting a burnt flavor on your tongue, it's time to replace the coil. To extend this lifetime, make sure to use these different tricks.

Prime the Coil Before Use


When you first install a brand new coil into your vaping device, the wick is bone dry. This makes it the most dangerous time for burning the coil and lower its overall lifetime.

To prevent this, you need to prime the coil. To do this, locate the two small juice holes at the top of the coil. Set a single drop of your e-juice into each of these holes, as well as into the center of the coil.

Once you've assembled your kit back together, take a few dry hits. This helps draw in the e-juice of the tank onto the wick without the risk of burning.

Priming ensures that the coil is nice and saturated, ready for you to start vaping without any troubles.

Keep At Lower Temperatures

More often than not, it's better to keep your vaping device set at a lower temperature. This is important when you're starting with a fresh new coil. You want to give the coil time to adjust, and going full blast on high temperatures risks burning the coil.

Although you might want to show off a little or even compete in cloud chasing, lower temperatures are the best way to keep your coil around for longer.

Once your competition or party is over, switch back over to a lower setting for your everyday use. Your coil will thank you for it.

Always Have Enough E-juice

Keeping the wick saturated with your favorite e-juice is one of the best ways to keep your coil healthy. When you notice that your tank is down to about a quarter full, it's time to refill. Draining the tank to the bottom puts a strain on the coil as it tries to heat up without enough liquid.

It's good to get into the practice of checking your e-juice levels every once in a while. This way, your device is always working at its peak.

Don't Overpress

Make sure to read up the specific instructions for your vaping device. Each one is different, and although something may be inherently easy to use like the  eleaf vape mods, it's still good to know what makes your particular device unique.

By reading the manual, you'll learn the suggested time for pressing the fire button. If you press the button for too long, you risk harming the delicate coil. Even a few seconds too long accumulates over time, causing damage to the coil.

If you feel as though you're going through coils faster than normal, this might be one of the problems. Take a second look through your manual, or try holding the button for a few seconds less. It could make a huge difference in your vaping experience.

Take Your Time Between Hits

You want to give your device time to breathe between hits. This gives the coil a chance to cool down before you start heating it back up again. If you take a hit only to take another hit right after, the coil remains too hot.

Because of this, it's good practice to wait around 4 to 6 seconds between each hit. Take those few extra seconds to savor the experience even more!

It's not too much of a break that it'll interrupt your vape, but it's enough that it'll help prolong the life of your coil.

Clean On a Regular Basis

This is an important step to keep your device working well for as long as possible. But it's important for your coils as well. Without regular cleaning, you're not only risking the coils but the entire device itself.

It's easy to slack off on a cleaning regimen. If you're a long-time vaper, chances are good that you've slacked off more than you'd want to admit.

But now's the time to get back into the habit. It's much easier—and cheaper—to spend some time cleaning your gear than it is to replace all of the parts. Your device and your bank account will all be much happier for the effort!

Replace When Necessary

Even with all of these tips and tricks to help you, coils don't last forever. You'll help extend the life of your coil by a big margin, but it'll still need a replacement at some point.

It's not good to use a coil that's past its due date. It's bad for your device, and it tastes awful.

As soon as you start getting that burnt sensation, it's time to switch to a new coil. If you continue to use these tips and tricks, you won't have to replace it again for a while.

Save Money By Keeping Your Vape Coils In Great Shape

Vape coils are an important part of any vaping setup, so you always want to make sure you have some available. 

By keeping your coils in good condition, you'll worry about buying replacements less often. This keeps you vaping for as long as possible without as much extra effort. 

And you'll save a lot of money over time, so it's a win-win situation.

Looking to start fresh with a brand new coil? Check out our replacement coils!

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