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​How To Avoid Faster Burning Of Wicks And Coils?

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

If you happen to be a newbie vaper, you may be facing or faced the experience of your wicks and coils getting exhausted faster than normal. In order to understand how to avoid burning of your wicks and coils, you will first have to find the root cause contributing towards this problem. Garnering knowledge about some of the causes leading to wick and coil burns and how these can be prevented, can be a great advantage.

1. Vaping on High Voltage and Wattage

If you’re vaping at high wattages and voltages, this can make your wicks and coils burn up much easier. First, the high voltage will burn the cotton inside the coil faster. This in turn will result in poor saturation of e-liquid in the coils. Consequently, the heat will build up in the coil making it to burn or even pop. To prevent such a situation from occurring, the best solution would be to reduce your vaping voltage. Begin with the lowest voltage and increase it upwards until you find a suitable strength for you. If you just prefer using your ecig at high at a high wattage and voltage and aren’t willing to change that, it’s fine, you just may run through coils much quicker. You can also purchase a more quality tank which will typically have higher quality coils that may burn as easily.

2. Chain Vaping

If you vape for the whole day on your device without taking any break, your wicks and coils are going to burn up much quicker. Chain vaping leads to overheating of coils. This in turn would lead to burning of your wick and ultimately the coil is also going to burn. To avoid such a situation, you need to take a break between your vaping sessions. So take a break for few seconds or minutes and allow the device to cool before using it again.

3. E-Liquid Base

The kind of base you use in your e-liquid may also be contributing towards your wicks and coils burning out quickly. E-juices having a vegetable glycerine base, will make your wicks and coils burn easily. This happens because vegetable glycerine is much thicker, so it does not saturate the wick as quickly as PG does. So you may at times be burning just the coil and cotton if the juice is too thick to enter the coil holes as quickly as you’re vaporizing it. Ejuices containing sweetener has also been known to gunk up coils quicker, it can cause caramelization in the wicks. You can address this problem by purchasing propylene glycol based e-liquids or which have a higher PG ratio.

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