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​How Often Should You Change Your Coil?

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

How often to change a vape tank coil or replace the atomizer

How Long Will Coils Last In My Vape Tank And How Do I Know When They Need to Be Changed

The lifespan of a coil varies from person to person. It actually depends on an individual’s vaping habits, the choice of  e-juice flavor and the kind of electronic cigarette being used.

When first starting vaping, you’ll start to notice the signs of a burnt coil and be able to estimate how long your coils tend to last. If you want to get the best flavor and avoid a dry and burnt taste, you will have to change your vape coils regularly. Those times vary depending on your mod settings and the type of coil you’re using, but after a short period of time you’ll be able to estimate how long they will last and at what point it’s time to purchase replacements.

How Long Your Mod Coil Would Last

It becomes necessary to replace the vape coils if the wire coil has worn out or in case the wick has burned. Most vapers require changing a coil between every 1 to 4 weeks of use.

A general estimate can be made of 2 weeks, but you should always monitor your vapor’s taste to look for any signs that suggest that your coil needs to be replaced.

The thing that really matters is how often you vape and not how many days or weeks have passed while vaping. If you puff throughout the day, every day, then you will have to change the vape coil more often than weekly. Vapers who puff occasionally can expect their coil to last several weeks.

Other factors do affect the lifespan of a coil. 100% VG e-liquid would wear out wicks more fast than a VG/PG mix. If you use a variable voltage mod and enhance the power, this too will wear out the coil faster.

How Will I Know When To Change My Coil?

When your vape coil or wick burns out, you might taste a dry and/or hot vapor. You won’t get as much vapor as you previously did, you may also get a harsh taste if your coil is extremely burnt. This happens sometimes if the button is pushed for too long, if left in a purse or pocket without being turned off or locked.

You might also hear a gurgling sound in the tank as you inhale. E-juice might seep through the coil and reach the battery connection. If such a thing happens, ensure you clean the battery and tank cap as you replace the coil. Gurgling happens sometimes naturally while filling a tank, so that doesn’t necessarily mean your coil needs to be changed. It may just need a good cleaning.

How You Can Replace Your Vape Coil

Doing the replacement is typically easy and usually only takes about a minute. You need to separate the tank from the battery and remove the tank cap. Carefully set the tank aside. This is also the right time to clean the tank and refill in case the old coil has caused burning of the remaining e-juice.

Unscrew the old coil from the tank cap and dispose it off. Clean or wipe down the tank cap and ensure it is dry. Screw in the new coil, keep the tank back together and make the tank rest in an upright position.

The wick needs soaking up some e-juice for a few minutes before you can commence with vaping. This is called priming, you want to make sure the wick is completely saturated before using. If you take a puff right away, the wick will be dry, so the heat coming out from the coil might burn it immediately. You can make your coil last longer if you allow the wick to steep before using.

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