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Dry Hits?

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

If you are enjoying some tasty vapor one moment, and then all of a sudden experiences a terrible dry hit. Nobody wants this to happen to him. Majority of vapers, both who have just started out and those who are old have experienced dry hits at one point in their time vaping. Fortunately, you can prevent this undesired experience from occurring by following a few simple steps.

Dry hits occur when the atomizer or coil heats up, but there is not enough e-juice left to vaporize. This makes the wick assembly to dry out quickly which in turn could char the liquid and produces unpleasant flavors. Dry hits can be attributed to many reasons.

One reason can be that you have set too high the voltage or wattage settings on your battery. This causes the atomizer to heat up so quickly that the liquid does not get enough time to saturate the wick after it is vaporized. Turning the voltage or wattage down may enable you to alleviate the problem.

Another reason for causing the dry hits is airflow control. Some tanks feature an adjustable airflow setting. In case the airflow is completely open, it would mean that air moves more freely across the wick assembly and coil. As this happens, the act of drawing air through the atomizer is not adequate for pulling more liquid into the wick. This makes the wick to dry out quickly and could be leading to the production of those nasty dry hits.

Another common reason responsible for dry hits in a tank is coil gunking. Your coil is heating and passing e-juice through it on a constant basis. After a period of time, the coil is going to wear out or the liquid will be leaving sediments in the wick. This will prevent liquid from wicking in a proper manner and can lead to an overall negative experience. Just ensure you change your wicks regularly every 1-2 weeks on an average. This would help you to avoid dry hits if you are using your coil over the suggested amount of time.

Dry hits can happen when you initially install a new coil. Every time you install a new coil, it needs to be primed. Priming is the method in which you saturate the cotton within your new coil with ejuice before actually firing the device. The ejuice will naturally soak into the cotton if left for a period of time after replacing the coil, but if you want to use it right away priming is your best bet. If you use your ecig without priming the coil properly you may get a dry hit.

Finally, you have to ensure that your tank is filled with enough liquid. This may sound simple and it is, but this can happen more often than you may realize. While your tank is empty, you are just heating up a dry wick and a dry wick simply equals a bad vape.

Those are typical reasons why dry hits happen, but it could be for completely other reasons. Before you give up on your ecig try one of the above methods to see if that solves the issue. 

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