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Customer All Time Favorite Papa Smurf eJuice

Posted by Cameron on

Another review here, this one is for central vapors and central vapors. This particular flavor is Papa Smurf their purpose for being blue being what do you think I'm going to be telling you that the flavor yes I am going to be telling you of it is blueberry and cream this they produce is really good it is extremely clean flavor accurately flavored blueberry it isn't super sweet like candy flavor it is a very creamy super creamy like a cereal flavor or a dessert flavor this is a very fruity flavor and if you like fruity flavors and you like blueberry you are into these things check out central vapors.

They have a lot of flavors, I was just looking and they have everything from candies to tobacco is to mint tea flavors coffee flavors to fruity flavors, they have all of so I mean if you're looking for a very fair price of very good quality you can go right to central vapors. They even have the premium blend like this revolution juice which I reviewed previously.

Fantastic I haven't had one bad flavor from them out of the four that I've been selected to review and it's great i mean fantastic. They have 30PG/70VG and they also have the fifty 50 which I think I already mention but anyway they have nicotine values from 36 12 18 and 24 they have sizes from ten million up to fifty with the thirty milliliter bottles which is what I have here.

This particular bottle says its a 60/40 PG/VG blend I don't know why they don't have the 60PG/40VG on the website maybe it was just a special blend that they were giving review but this has tremendous flavor for  about $5.99 and go up $10 for each size go up so you're thirty million gonna be $15.99 and yours is going to be $25.99 so with that being said let me take another baby that's good shit right there its not over the top creamy it's very undertone it doesn't it doesn't make you have to take a drink of water right afterwards because you were just drowning herself in cereal milk it's very good use so if you like them very very I would definitely take the website and put it into your favorites and I would go and get the central vapors.

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