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Choosing The Right Vaporizer Tank

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Experienced vapers know vaping is much more than simply inhaling from a tank. While this is satisfying and assists users in the transition, making some tweaks and innovations can provide them with an even more outstanding vaping experience. For example, choosing a tank with a larger capacity can make vaping a convenient process and let the user go much longer without filling their tank.

Tanks for Varying Needs

As tanks and atomizers are quite important for vaping pleasure, go with the most appropriate gear as per your liking. While choosing them, consider some important factors.

Remember that the standard lifespan of a tank’s heating element is 1-2 weeks, so plan ahead and stock replacement coil before their expected life spans ends.

Selecting the Brand

The market is flooded with various brand options and size/space specifications, so choosing the right one can be somewhat difficult. You should go for a top-rated tank offered by a reliable and popular brand for a reliable and improved vaping experience.

Types for Selection

Most vapers prefer the larger glass tanks for larger and sturdy option, but there are plastic tanks as well that can be great, but are traditionally disposable or less advanced and meant more for beginners. Certain factors need to be considered for each selection.

Disposable Tanks

Advantages: Such tanks are inexpensive with a decent performance and are a good option for starting out and stocking up.

Drawbacks: After the coil or the wick gets used up, the tank gets destroyed, so cannot be used for long.

Rebuildable Tanks

Advantages: You can easily replace the coil heads or atomizers by screwing/unscrewing them. So you can reuse the tank.

Drawbacks: These are expensive in terms of start-up costs but deliver value with time, but may be difficult to learn in the beginning.

Selecting the Material

Pyrex or glass, polycarbonate or plastic and metal are three basic types of tanks. Consider few factors while going with these different options.

Plastic/Polycarbonate Tanks

Plastic tanks are easily accessible in majority of stores.

These are functional, durable and affordable.

Certain e-juices can crack such a tank being acidic, so before using any ejuice in your tank make sure it’s safe for plastic.

Glass/Pyrex Tanks

These tanks provide an outstanding vaping experience.

But they are heavier than plastic and can break.

Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum Tanks

Though immensely popular, fewer brands make them and so there is limited accessibility.

Some tanks combine elements of a glass or plastic tank with a metal coating to protect the inner tank or to enhance it. This boosts their durability.

Resistance Levels

Most of atomizers, tanks, or clearomizers are user friendly and can be easily adjusted for vaping preferences. Go with a device that grants you more options for the resistance level. You should go with a 1.2 ohm or higher coil for saving the battery’s life.

Top Coil Design versus Bottom Coil Design

Choosing a coil design is quite simple. People liking a hotter vape should go for coil which is closer to the mouthpiece. Those liking less heat should use a bottom coil design that lessens the intensity of heat.

Single Coil versus Dual Coil Design

Dual coils produce more vapor and heat but are not as cost effective. If you are price conscious, stick with the single coil design. 

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