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Beneficial Tips For Making The Transition To Vaping

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

E-cigarettes have made a lot of progress since the time they first appeared on the market. People who want to move from conventional cigarettes to e-cigs want their transition to be as smooth as possible. Here are some useful tips that may make this transition be as easy as possible and more importantly successfully.

Go For Quality

As the demand for e-cigarettes is steadily increasing, more and more companies have begun selling their products cheap which has led to less than satisfactory user experience. In lot of Chinese e-cigs, the body of device doubles up as the battery. But you should go for those e-cigs whose body is a hollow box, so you can remove the battery. These kind of batteries would provide you with increased power and reliability.

Different Liquids

The common thing about all the vapors is that they all use a liquid that contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or a mix of the two, so as to stabilize their flavors and for producing a smoke effect when vaporized. Therefore, it is a great idea to try different liquids and analyze the different effects of theirs to ensure you get the best value for your money. Also you need to plan ahead so you can have a plenty of e-liquid with you in case you run out, you never want to run out and go back to analogs.

Focus On Staying Charged

It is quite important to charge the battery that powers the cartomizer which turns nicotine liquid into the vapor that you inhale. While the atomizer will remain the same as you continue using your e-cigarette, the amount of charge in your battery will get drained eventually which in turn would lead to reduced voltage. This fact is specifically noticeable in high capacity batteries, so do not forget to charge it regularly to keep your device in best of shape.

Manage Your Expectations

The aesthetics of vaping when compared to traditional smoking is the same, but the inhaling process is a lot different. The right way to vape is not inhaling directly into the lungs as you do with a tobacco cigarette. You need to draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale it into your lungs. Then you should take a long draw of about 4-6 seconds as compared to the 1-2 seconds you used to take. Expect vaping to be different as it really is.

These useful tips would render your switch over from tobacco to electronic cigarettes a much more pleasant experience.

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