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Before Purchasing An eJuice

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Before You Buy Ejuice - Things to think about

Choosing an eJuice thats right for you

So you just purchased your electronic cigarette. You might be thinking what you need to do now? Most  ecig starter kits come packed you with everything you need to start vaping right out of the box, the only thing left to decide on is which eJuice liquid to use with your new vape kit. Much different than traditional “analog” cigarette, electronic cigarettes offer a wide array of options in terms of flavor, nicotine concentration and PG/VG ratios.

Here are a few helpful tips before purchasing eJuice for your electronic cigarette:

eJuice Flavors

Flavor is arguably the most important thing to consider, if you don’t enjoy the taste of your e-liquid its likely you may fall back on your old tobacco cigarettes. Which that said your, first thought may be to shop for a tobacco flavored eJuice which only seems reasonable because the thought of vaping on furuit flavored eJuice is just to strange. Well, keep in mind  tobacco flavored eLiquid just isn’t going to taste like your old tobacco cigarette simply because eJuice is not tobacco.

Apart from tobacco flavored eJuices, menthol flavored vape liquids do a little better job imitating the “analog” menthol tobacco cigarettes so in that regard your in luck. At first glance you cant help but notice all the unconventional flavors but don’t be shy and give those eJuice flavors a try, you’ll soon realize that the taste of the tobacco cigarettes your trying so hard to imitate really dont taste that good after all.

Most people seem to enjoy  Fruit flavored eJuice and happens to be what people take to take to more naturally so try starting with an eJuice that taste like your favorite fruit. If your feeling adventurous there is of course tons of other flavors like vanilla chocolate and hazelnut coffee or maybe even a mango flavored eJuice that just makes your mouth water but along with one of these flavors, make sure one of the flavors you buy is one you can imagine yourself vaping on all day.

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