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​5 E-Juices You Should Be Using This Holiday Season

Posted by Courtney on

5 E-Juice Flavors to consider for the holidays

5 E-Juice Flavors to consider This Holiday Season!

Vaping is great, and it’s something that we do all year. Whether it’s freezing outside or scorching hot, there’s never really a bad time to vape. It’s relaxing and typically improves any activity. The greatest thing about vaping has to be the wide variety of flavored E-Juices you have to choose from.

Considering how popular seasonal foods and drinks are, especially during the holiday season, it’s no surprise that there is a wide variety of holiday themed E-Juices to choose from. We’ve been hard at work making E-Juices that will be perfect to usher in the holiday season, so without further ado, we give you our list of E-Juices that will make your holiday season merry. These are great for personal use or as gifts for your favorite vapers.

Candy Cane E-Juice

This sweet, minty E-Juice will be the most refreshing addition to your holiday season. Carry this with you wherever you go, and have a burst of cool, minty flavor whenever you need a pick-me-up. It comes in all your standard PV/VG ratios, so you can get the E-Juice that suits you best! This will be a great addition to anyone’s holiday season, so order it before the big day rolls around!

Eggnog E-Juice

This one is a must have for vapers over the holiday season. Everyone’s favorite holiday drink is now available as an E-Juice, and it is absolutely delightful. This delicious holiday E-Juice is bound to bring a smile to your face whenever you use it. Treat yourself this holiday season with this delicious E-Juice.

Pro Tip: if you want maximum taste accuracy, here it’s actually better to go with a PV/VG ration that’s higher in VG. VG is naturally milkier than PG and it bring a creaminess to the taste that eggnog just isn’t quite right without. We recommend at least going with the 50 PG / 50 VG, but the 30 PG / 70 VG is our favorite.

Cinnamon Roll E-Juice

Cinnamon is a flavor that no holiday season would be complete without. Although cinnamon rolls are definitely a food to be enjoyed year round, this cinnamon roll e-juice is the perfect way to spice up your winter. It’s delicious, and you won’t be sorry when you try it. Unlike the previous two flavors, this isn’t necessarily categorized as a Christmas flavor exclusively, which means you can easily get away with vaping it all year. Who knows, you might like it enough for it to follow you into the new year.

Gingerbread E-Juice

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without gingerbread! Who doesn’t have memories of making gingerbread men or painstakingly attempting to prevent their gingerbread house from falling apart? This flavor is a holiday classic, and now it isn’t just for cookies. Order your gingerbread e-juice and usher in the holiday season with thick, delicious clouds of gingerbread flavored delight.

Pumpkin Pie E-Juice

This is another flavor that’s a bonified Christmas classic. There’s nothing like a slice of delicious pumpkin pie to heighten your holiday spirits, and now you can lift it even more with our Pumpkin Pie E-Juice! There’s just enough pumpkin flavor with a hint of crust and even a bit of whipped cream, making this a perfectly balanced, authentic Pumpkin Pie flavor. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the holidays, so get a bottle before the 25 th arrives.

This is a list of the absolute best E-Juices to usher in the holiday season. Pick up one or all of these delicious flavors to add a little bit of Christmas spirit to this holiday season. Order them soon so you’ll have them before the big day arrives! If you’re feeling it, vape them all year! Delicious vapor is delicious vapor after all. 

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