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5 Benefits of Sub-Ohm Vaping

Posted by Courtney McElligott on

Sub-ohm vaping, also known as sub-ohming is associated with electricity and the atomizer of an electronic cigarette. A basic atomizer has a range between 1.5 ohms and 2.8 ohms. While sub-ohming, the atomizers are able to fire under one ohm of resistance. As per the Ohm’s law, lowering a circuit’s resistance leads to acceleration of the power production. Less resistance means more intense vaping experience for the experienced vapers. Generally sub-ohm vaping requires a high vegetable glycerin e-liquid, you would look for liquids that are offered with a VG ratio of over 50%

Is Sub-Ohming For You?

As long as you’re doing it safely there is really no wrong way of vaping. Asking a vaper why he sub-ohms is like asking a Chicagoan why he loves to eat deep-dish pizza or questioning a person’s choice of music. It is just a matter of one’s personal taste. Though there are noticeable differences between regular and sub-ohm vaping, this has to do mostly with the individual needs of a vaper.

1) Big Vapor Production

One of the prominent differences between sub-ohming and conventional vaping is about the thickness of clouds produced. If you are keen to become the next cloud-chasing champion or if that’s just the experience that you are looking for, you need sub ohm technology and high-VG e-liquids.

2) Smoother Vaping Experience

People typically lower the amount of nicotine that they use because sub ohm devices provide a much larger hit. The hits can still be very smooth, but with RDA’s or sub ohm tanks, a lower nicotine level and a higher level of VG is what is typically desired for the best experience.

3) Intense Flavor

The larger surface areas of sub-ohm devices and faster heating equal more flavor. To further improve the strength and flavor of their juices, many vapers have decided to build coils themselves. Though using higher levels of vegetable glycerin can have a slight negative impact on flavor strength, leading vaping brands have carefully reformulated their e-liquids to keep intact the same great taste and quality.

4) Warm Clouds

Higher wattage leads to the production of warmer vapor. Increased airflow cools the vapor down, so inhale will be slightly warm but not overly so.

5) Lung Hit

As mentioned previously, sub-ohm vaping is suited for cloud chasing. Some people fond of vaping skip the mouth-to-lung inhale routine and move the vapor directly to their lungs which results in a powerful chest hit.

Now that you have a greater understanding of sub-ohming, you have to decide for yourself if it’s a suitable alternative to regular vaping for you. 

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