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FREEMAX Twister 2 80W Starter Kit

Check out the all-NEW Freemax Twister 2 80W Starter Kit. It features an upgraded larger 3000mAh battery, bottom wattage adjustment dial, and includes the Fireluke 4 Tank.

The Variable Wattage Twister 2 vape kit uses a bottom spinning dial to adjust wattage and is capable of an impressive 18W - 80W. In addition, it's constructed from durable zinc alloy, making it lightweight and highly durable. The FREEMAX Twister 2 also offers color options designed with a visually striking 3D embossed effect to impress!

Included in this Vape Kit is the Freemax Fireluke 4 Tank. It features a mess-free top-filling design, holds up to 5ml of e-liquid, and is pre-installed with a high-performance 0.15ohm X1-D Mesh Coil that creates delicious vapor with your favorite eJuice. Included in this Vape Kit is the Freemax Fireluke 4 Tank. It features a mess-free top-filling design, holds up to 5ml of e-liquid, and is pre-installed with a high-performance 0.15ohm X1-D Mesh Coil that creates delicious vapor with your favorite eJuice.

FREEMAX Twister 2 80W Starter Kit Features:

Size: 142 x 25 Diameter
Integrated 3000mAh Battery
Wattage Range: 15-80W
Voltage Range: 0.7-7V
Zinc-Alloy Construction
Intuitive Firing Button
Bottom Wattage Adjustment Dial
Low Resistance Protection
Timeout Protection
Open Circuit Protection
High-Temp Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
Type-C USB Port


FREEMAX Fireluke 4 Tank Features:

25mm Diameter
5ml Tank Capacity
Sliding Top Fill System
Single Fill Port
Threaded Coil Installation
Dual Slotted Bottom Airflow Control Ring
Threaded 510 Connection

Compatible with
Freemax Coil 904L X Series:

0.15ohm X1-D Coils
0.2ohm X2 Coils


 freemax twister 2 kit

FREEMAX Twister 2 Starter Kit Includes:

Twister 2 Device
Fireluke 4 Tank
1x 0.15ohm X1-D Coils
1x 0.2ohm X Mesh Coils
Type-C Cable
Replacement Glass
Warranty Card
User Manual


freemax twister 2 80w kit

 freemax twister 2

 freemax twister 2 vape kit


Product Reviews

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  1. Ammended Review 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 29th 2022

    I love this kit so much that awhile ago I purchased an additional one. However, since my last review below, I have had an issue develop with the device and so I am downgrading the rating to 4 stars instead of the 5 stars that I gave it originally. Sometimes any kind of a product will be absolutely perfect in the beginning but through use and the course of time flaws/bugs and other problems may surface and that is indeed the case with this device. The problem surfaced about 2 days after my initial review. I did some research and watched a few review videos and other people have had the exact same problem show up and so there is obviously a defect of some type. However, in no way let the flaw deter you from this device as it is still an awesome kit. The tank is superior and it alone is worth the price of the kit.

    Anyway, the problem that surfaced has to do with the fire button. The button itself feels tactile and "cl icky" and of good quality but there is some type of a design flaw with it as it malfunctions occasionally. So, FREEMAX if you are paying attention, you would be wise to correct the flaw BEFORE you produce too many units!

    Sometimes while pressing the fire button, the unit will not fire. It does not happen often (rarely) but it is annoying. An even bigger problem than that is that on occasion while taking a puff the unit will keep firing even after letting off of the fire button. I have to press the fire button again to get it to stop firing. This is not only annoying but potentially dangerous. Fortunately the fire button works about 99.8 % of the time with no problem and rarely acts up. But a fire button should work 100% of the time. I own quite a few high power mods and this is the only unit where I have had issues of this nature with a fire button.

    No matter because even with the fire button issue, it is still one of the best starter kits out there. So, don't shy away from getting this kit. Simply be aware that the button will act up from time to time. Despite the flaw with the button this is still my favorite all day vape device as it produces intense flavor and large amounts of vapor for an 80 Watt device. Maybe FREEMAX is aware of the button issue and has fixed it by now.

  2. AWESOME 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 16th 2022

    The Twister 2 is a great device. I do not know about the longevity but time will tell...... The quality seems far superior to what I was expecting..... The fireluke 4 tank that comes with it is also awesome and of very good quality. Like all FreeMax coils, the coils in this tank produce very good flavor. I have vaped for a lot of years, create my own coils and e juice and so I am in a fairly good position to rate this kit..... I would definitely recommend this kit for ANYONE no matter if you are a long time vapor or a newbie..... Generally speaking this kit is designed for people who want to produce a large amount of vapor while they vape. The tank is very "airy" and at 80 Watts a person can blow some serious clouds.... You probably won't win any cloud competitions but this kit will allow you to produce fairly large clouds. Also, and at the same time, this device produces excellent flavor from your e juices. So, you not only get good clouds but also good flavor. If you are a person who is not interested in producing large amounts of vapor, this is still an awesome tank to use because it produces very good flavor. This tank is not designed for mouth to lung type vaping. However, you can turn the wattage down and close the airflow way down. I am sort of strange in my vaping desires because i don't seem to fit into the "typical" vape category.... I am not a cloud chucker but on the other hand I like to produce more vapor than the average mouth to lung system..... This device allows me to produce more vapor than an MTL type tank but no so much that I am literally blowing clouds. I like operating this device at 40 Watts and turning the airflow almost off and that way I am producing a fair amount of vapor but not so much that I am chucking clouds. I have tried this device on 60 through 80 Watts and it produces way too much vapor for my liking. But if you are into that sort of activity then this device will deliver....I have a couple of very high wattage mods and have never vaped over 120 Watts as there is absolutely ZERO point in even trying.... The human lungs can only hold so much vapor or air. I do not understand why some Companies keep developing powerful mods that go over 100 Watts as most people never vape that high as their body cannot handle it. In my humble opinion, anything over 100 Watts is a waste and not needed. Any mod that is capable of 80 to 100 watts is plenty big enough for large vapor production (even 50 watts)...... This 80 Watt device is even too big for me and so I never run it at 80 Watts.... So, if you want a device that has plenty of power, produces lots of vapor and provides good flavor then you can't go wrong with this kit. If the tank is too airy for your liking and produces too much vapor then simply put on a mouth to lung tank. Just the mod alone is worth the price of the kit but you also get the Fireluke 4 tank included in the kit. This is a good kit for those who do not want to mess around with batteries or building coils.

  3. Wow works great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 8th 2022

    This little guy is a beast if you want any type of vape or other type lol. Lets out one hell of a cloud .

  4. I was looking forward to Twister II to be incredible 1 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 2nd 2022

      ## New message ##       Twister 2               FreeMax   Wed, 11/02/22 3:49 am     Dear ,Yes ,I got it .Maybe the battery is broken .Could you send your video to this email:service@freemaxvape.com
    someone will get back to you within 24 hours .           sutcliffezoo   I charged the Twister pod. While it was charging the red light was on. When it was fully charged the red light went off. I filled the tank with my regular e juice. I tapped the button on the side 5 times. The White light did not flash as the user manual explains in the LED indicator description. I have adjusted the bottom wattage dial and the air flow dial. I have pressed and held the fire button to vape But nothing happens. 

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