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Nicotine Salt EJuice

Salt Nicotine Ejuice has gained recent popularity in the vaping industry due to the ability of these types of liquids to create such a smooth vaping experience even at high MG levels. Compared to traditional "freebase" nicotine, the nicotine salts are able to enter the blood-brain barrier quicker. It's able to give the user a quicker effect and the nicotine rush feeling typically felt from traditional cigarettes, and what some users say they are missing from the "freebase" nicotine ejuice. 

Salt nicotine ejuice is traditionally offered in a higher MG level than you might be used to seeing with freebase nicotine. This is normal since these liquids are also intended to be used in a "pod type" or low wattage device. These devices are able to deliver the user an extremely satisfying experience, without an overpowering hit which is something traditional cigarette users really enjoy. 

Keep in mind that salt nicotine ejuice is not recommended in sub ohm devices, with the exception of if you're creating your own ejuice. A low level of salt nicotine used in a sub ohm device can still be manageable. Check out our pure Nicotine Salts and DIY Category if you're interested in making your own ejuice! 

Our Salt Nicotine Ejuice category has our top selling ejuice in the salt versions. Same great flavor, exciting new experience! 

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