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eGo-t Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette

The eGo T electronic cigarette starter kit is arguably the most popular modern electronic vaporizer that helped kickstart the vaping revolution. The eGo-t was one of the first innovative designs in electronic cigarettes, and still to this day highly favored even more so by new vapors for its simplicity and ease of operation. This ego t vape pen comes with tank cartridges, which hold 1.1ml of juice, drips e-juice directly into the atomizer without the need of traditional cartridge fillers. This process produces phenomenal vapor and maintains a strong taste for the user. This eGo Ecig is a must-have for a beginner or any person who vapes, at this price, even if you already own an electronic cigarette, it makes the perfect back up.


ego vape starter kit

eGo-t CE4 Tank System

The egot vape pen is included with the CE4 atomizer tank; an upgraded version of the eGo-w. The included CE4 atomizer tank is a transparent vape tank which holds the eliquid and is made to be easy refilled directly from your E-Juice bottle or by using a squeezable needle tip bottle. The most favorited accessory is an optional needle tip bottle to go with this eGo Vaporizer; it makes refilling liquid a breeze and is a favorite accessory among customers.

The included CE4 tanks is easy to fill and holds approximately 2ml of E-Liquid; 100% refillable over and over, its excellent for use throughout the day and the 2ml of vape juice lasts quite some time when fully filled.

Within each eGo Vape Pen is a built-in cylindrical shaped 1100mah battery proving power throughout your day; depending on your usage, we calculated a “Puff Count” of up to 1000 puffs after fully recharged. The eGot uses a vape tank commonly known as the CE4 clearomizer / atomizer lasts up to 5 times longer other poorly made e-cigarettes found at local gas stations and eight times longer than "cigalikes" named after its appearance, its an electronic cigarette also usually of poor quality and identical in same shape and size to a tobacco cigarette.



Charging Your eGo Starter Kit

The eGo starter kits uses a 3.7 volt 1100mah rechargeable battery with a power saving/safety function which prevents accidental discharge and overcharging. It takes roughly 3 - 5 hours to charge the battery fully. To charge your battery, gently screw the battery into the USB cable provided in your kit.

The USB charging cable easily screws on in place of the Vape Tank with the opposite end that plugs into any low voltage USB port, such as the USB port found on most computers OR with an optional USB ego wall charger adapter. Once connected and charging, the button on your ego vape pen will begin to flash for a few moments indicating its adequately connected. The charging cable also has a handy indicator light that turns from red to green once the charging is complete.

Battery life on this ego vape pen is quite remarkable. On only one 3 hour charge, the egot 1100mAh batteries will hold up for 10 hours of normal vaping, or as mentioned about 1000 puffs.

 eGo-t Starter Kit

How to assemble the eGo-T

Each eGo-t Starter Kit consists of two main pieces necessary for vaping, the battery, and the tank. To assemble; Gently screw the battery clockwise onto the tank until hand tight. Do NOT over tighten or force together, if you have difficulties with threading the CE4 tank onto the battery, loosen apart gently and retry. Finally, fill with your favorite eliquid, to turn it on, click button FIVE TIMES quickly to turn ON/OFF


The eGo-t Starter Kit includes:
eGo-t Vape Tank
1100mAh eGo Vape Pen
5 Click ON/OFF Protection
Rapid USB Charger

USE ONLY the provided egot charger cable with optional USB wall charger adapter:
Chargers/adapters such as those intended for cellular phones is unsafe;
and may also cause damage to eGo battery,
Do not use Iphone charger or standard car chargers,
doing so will void your product warranty



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  1. ego t starter 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 5th 2020

    These starter kits are the best I've seen so far. Price was excelent and easy to use. Batteries charge quickly and stay charged longer. Very good product and well worth the money.

  2. Pleased 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 31st 2020

    I used to buy these from eBay but the prices are better here. Quality is better too. They last longer.

  3. 3 ego starter kits 3 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 31st 2020

    I have tried 2 of the 3 kits that I received. I have been vaping for years and know what i am doing. I am getting leakage from the tanks into the pens. I'm very unhappy, as the source for these products seem to be getting fewer and fewer. So products that don't perform well are frustrating. I keep needing to wipe out the liquid that leaks into the pen and clear the tube of the liquid that is escaping and blowing it out. Then it will work for a time but then again leak. This is very frustrating and I am beyond knowing what to do. It adds to the frustration of these times we are going through. I am not by any means filling them too full. This current tank is half full and still leaking. PLEASE free me from this frustration by helping me. I can't afford to be purchasing these if they don't perform correctly and don't know where to go from here regarding ordering other systems. Please help me! TY! Linda strayer\

  4. Great for the price! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 25th 2020

    Cant beat the price at all for what you get! The 2 I bought only lasted a few months but that's exactly what I expected for the price.

  5. Works Occasionally 2 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 22nd 2020

    The tank began leaking within 3 days and the battery still works. However the sleeve of the battery keeps slipping off. So it's not a reliable kit to use, even at this price it can be a headache to deal with.

  6. Best products best service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 15th 2020

    Love central vapors! Only place I order from live the ce4 vape pens there reasonable prices an great product

  7. Good and Bad 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 2nd 2020

    I usually order a few of these at a time and it seems theres always a bad one or two in the lot. The price and shipping are fantastic and when I contact them about the matter, the customer service is great at fixing the issue. If it werent for the duds in each lot it would be 5 stars for sure.

  8. Exceptional Customer Service! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 22nd 2020

    This is the best customer service I have ever had! Without having to ask, they said they said no problem at all. A replacement was sent free of charge. They certainly have my business for life! Nice to know there are companies out there like Central Vapors. Thank you very much for your high standards of customer service!

  9. Pretty good spare 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 16th 2020

    Always takes 15 to 20 tokes to "warm up",but once it starts burning works pretty well. Using it for a backup. Easy and convenient to fill.

  10. #1 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 12th 2020

    These are awesome and I have tried several different styles. And Brands and this is by far the number one.

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