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Best EJuice

Best EJuice

Find new and unique all time best Vape Juice flavors at Central Vapors! Thanks to all our awesome vape fans for sharing the word about the great EJuices they found at Central Vapors.


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Top Vape Juice Flavors



 Best Vape Juice


Papa Smurf Vape Juice

This delicious gourmet vape juice is a tasty mix of strawberries and blueberries all swirled in a sweet whipped cream.






Top Vape Juice Online


Razzleberry Ring Pop Vape Juice

Enjoy vaping both tart and sweet flavors with this e-Juice, its perfectly swirled into one excellent, crisp and fresh tasting fruit flavor. This vape juice comes in second on our list of most popular flavors. Razzleberry vape juice is packed with super smooth taste and is truly an interesting fruity twist freshly.





Best Vape Juices Online


Classic Strawberry Banana Vape Juice

This classic ejuice flavor is unbelievably good, enjoy vaping this perfectly balanced strawberry banana liquid that will tingle your taste buds. Certainly a customer favorite and a timeless flavor that never gets old.




Sweet Vape Juice Flavors


Banana Pudding

A deliciously sweet vape juice treat. Go ahead and spoil yourself, vape this fresh banana taste with vanilla folded in layers of whipped cream and delicious wafers. See what you've been missing, vape this excellent bananas and pudding mixture and taste the difference with another one of Central Vapors top vape juice flavors!






Central Vapors Ejuice Standards


- Base liquid ingredients, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are highest level level of USP (US Pharmacopoeia) grade certified

- USP CERTIFIED nicotine with documentation from a certified lab


- Nicotine purity greater than or equal to 99%

- Ejuices are tested to be within the tolerance level of +/-5% nicotine

- Exclusively use certified base products throughout the manufacturing process

- E Liquid flavorings used are food grade quality or better and/or (GRAS) Certified


- Absolutely NO artificial food coloring added and we never dilute eJuice products with water or alcohol




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Vaping411 Central Vapors Review: 5 E-Liquid Flavors

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Papa Smurf E-Juice Review




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Central Vapors Facebook Reviews

 Central Vapors Vape Liquid Reviews

"Central Vapors is a great place to do business. I bought a mod from them that had a problem with my tank....they were the best, no run around, straight fixed the problem and we're totally cool about it. I have 110% confidence in shopping with them and will be doing all my vape needs with them from here on out. It's so hard to find someone who is honest and willing to do what's right in this world....this business is definitely one of those. Thanks guys, and thanks for all your help today Courtney."

- Wil Haralson

"I urge everyone that hasn't yet to try Papa Smurf by these guys... Great straight out the package and even more amazing and complex the longer it sets.... I also ordered some of their ready made flavors and added my own VG, PG, and nic and those were on point too as well as cost effective... Great customer service and fast shipping are major pluses"

- Tina Ellis

"I love getting my juice from here. My favorite is and always be the Fire and Ice. With my first order i made a mistake. So i contacted them. I got a response with in a few hours of sending it, and they fixed it for me and sent me an email a few hours later letting me know. I am a diehard customer for life, and will always get my juice from them."


- Brian Nelson

"Ordered a variety of juices and I was not disappointed..."


- Marie Manes

"I have tried all websites for e juice. But now I have found the place to order all my e juice. Best place to order your needs."


- Milissa A. Lutz

"Awesome company with awesome juice. Great prices and customer service... Im about to do a YouTube review on this wonderful company. This is the only company I have ordered offline from because I love the friendly customer service. I haven't received a flavor that I didn't like yet :) Highly recommended"


- Kristy Davis

"Took a while but finally found a great vape shop! So glad one of my friends recommended me to central vapors! The fast shipping is awesome."


- Jason Hunter

Why e-cigarettes are here to stay

Article by Dr. Siegel. Serving the public health field since his days at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Siegel is a staunch proponent of e-cigarettes, frequently publishing thoughts and examination.


E-Cigarette Forum

The e-cigarette forum is basically an e-cig dictionary containing tons of useful information about vaping and vape products. The wealth of knowledge on this forum includes hardware products, e-juice, FAQs, and even shared stories and advice given between members. If you're just stepping into the world of electronic cigarettes, or even if you're a veteran, this is a must visit site with extremely informative content about vaping.


Vapor Talk

The Vapor Talk forum is also another highly rated place to check out. It's packed with all sorts of information about vaping and is organized by topic to help you quickly find information you may be searching for. The forum is a great resource to read honest vape reviews and opinions posted by users without biased information.



Yahoo News - Do E-Cigs Help You Quit Smoking?

Do E-Cigs Help You Quit Smoking? There are many opinions regarding this subject. It seems to be that the e-cig is much more effective than just about anything else, but then again, no two people are alike and we all have slightly different reactions and outcomes to a particular situation.

 We also welcome you to join us on JuiceDB and invite you to share your review as well as see what others have said about Central Vapors e-juice and vape products.






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