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2016 Authentic Nitecore Superb Charger SC2

Dual Battery Bay Intelligent

The dual-bay Nitecore SC2 Superb Battery Charger is truly a all in one charger for just about any type of rechargeable battery chemistry including lithium manganese oxide (IMR), lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). The SC2 is capable of detecting non-rechargeable batteries, and terminates the charging at once. It features multiple protections, including overtime charging protection, reverse polarity protection and short circuit prevention. With its intelligent temperature regulation integrated in the fire retardant PC material body, the SC2 Superb Charger takes care of safety in every way.

An intelligent power management system automatically detects the number of batteries installed, evenly distributes charging power, and selects the appropriate charging current based on the specific needs of each battery installed. Besides charging batteries, this charger also provides output power from a standard USB port to charge small electronics such as smartphones. LEDs clearly display the charging status and power level of each battery, and output selection. Reverse polarity and over-charge protection, as well as short circuit and non-rechargeable battery detection, prevents damage to the batteries and charger


Features Of the Nitecore Superb Charger SC2

- Restores Li-ion Batteries
- Optimized charging design for IMR batteries
- Up to 3A of charging speed in each battery slot
- Concurrently charge 2 batteries at the same time
- Three charging modes (CC, CV and Trickle Charge)
- Each battery slot monitors and charges independently
- 3 Color LED displays charging progress for each battery
- 0.5A, 1A, 2A and 3A manually selectable charging options
- Compatible with all USB devices via the Integrated USB port
- Detects batteries current status automatically and set appropriate voltage for charging


Integrated Safety Features of the Nitecore SC2:

- Short Circut Protection
- Over-charge prevention
- Reverse polarity protection
- Detects non-chargeabe batteries
- Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC, CEC and KC
- Insured wordwide by Ping An Insurance
- Auto stop when battery is fully recharged
- Constructed from flame resistant / retaednent PC materials
- Designed for Heat dissipation to prevent SC2 from overheating


Input Voltage:
- AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
- DC 12V 2.5A

Output voltage:
- Battery: 4.35V / 4.2V / 3.7V / 1.48V
- USB: 5V 2.1A

Output current: 3A+2A MAX

Compatiable with:
Li-ion / IMR / LiFeP04
10340, 10350, 10440, 10500, 12340, 12500, 12650, 13450, 13500, 13650, 14350, 14430, 14500, 14650, 16500,
1634(RCR123), 16650, 17350, 17500, 17650, 17670, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 18700, 20700, 21700, 22500,
22650, 25500, 26500, 26650
Ni-MH(NiCd): AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D

Deminsions: 6.10" x 3.16" x 1.73"
Weight: 9.2oz


Each Nitecore Superb Charger SC2 Includes:

1 x Battery charger
1 x Micro USB charge port
1 x User manual

Brand New In Retail Box

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